We live in a beautiful and exciting world, full of sights to see, people to meet, lessons to learn, and horizons to explore. However, the cold harsh reality is many of us don’t leave our little corner of familiarity to discover all this wonderful world has to offer. 

Josh Bender is the friendly face behind Forever Break®. I escaped the high-stress, to-do-list-dominated lifestyles western culture tells us we're supposed to want.

I chose to spend my life traveling the world, learning as much as I can from how other cultures live, laugh, and love, and sharing my experiences along the way.

Why? To equip you to escape the mundane and pursue your dreams.

My story

Originally from Perth, Western Australia, I climbed the career ladder in my chosen field to find myself feeling empty and unfulfilled.

I reached the conclusion: our minds are designed to learn, grow, and help others. And our bodies are designed to move, be nourished, and rest.

We are not designed to cope with the high levels of stress and deskbound routines all too common in a typical corporate career.

Thanks to technology, I am able to work from anywhere in the world, as long as there's a decent internet connection. I still work, of course, but I've chosen to focus my life on soaking up new experiences, meeting new people and broadening my mind as I travel the world.

I hope the adventures and down-to-earth advice shared on Forever Break inspire you to reach your own lofty dreams and delight in life's journey.


Meet Josh

A nerd at heart, I am fascinated with technology from gadgets to software. I'll admit, most of my graphic t-shirts are tech-inspired.

After completing a university degree in Software Engineering, I ran a successful web design business in Australia. I have 22 years' experience in web development, 18 years' in Internet marketing, and 8 years in travel blogging.

I'm thirsty for new knowledge and prioritize self-improvement. My worldview has been shaped by unique influences, and I don't buy into mainstream politics. However, I care deeply about our connected world and advocate collective unity.

Photography and food are my passions. So, don't get in between me and a bowl of pasta. Or a magnificent landscape.

Latest Updates

Every month my team writes an article summing up what's been going on at Forever Break HQ in a series called "TL;DR" (too long, didn't read). This way you won't feel like you miss out on all the juicy additions in between your visits.

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