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The Best Dutch Festivals and Events: A Guide to Celebrating with the Locals

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The light in the Netherlands never ceases to stay on!

The festivities in this beautiful country create a cheerfully contagious aura throughout the year as they celebrate very many social attributes and dates of importance. It's like every prominent town or village has something to celebrate in the festive calendar. The cities are lit, eateries are served, music is grooved to, and people come together to be united in the spirit of togetherness and it can't get merrier than this.

Such festivals ought to be experienced by the tourists to simply feel at home with the locals. The KLM Booking to the Netherlands is so inviting with the best of fares and alluring comfort that you cannot miss out on the celebrations.

Gaining the favor of the locals comes with the act of engaging with them in their parades, festivals, and carnivals, and here are some not-to-be-missed events that should make it to your Dutch itinerary.

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1. Flower Parade: April

How can the Dutch go without celebrating the beautiful flowers the land is blessed with? This is where the parade floats are designed and decorated with flowers come cruising in the streets of Noordwijkerhout, Noordwijk, and Haarlem, and then go up to the Keukenhof gardens where the beautiful tulip gardens are nestled. Tourists can mingle with the public during the parade and indulge in viewing and photo-taking.

2. King's Day: April 27th

The great King Willem Alexander's birthday is remembered as a day of fun, merry-making, and frolic. While music parades engage the street crowds, opt for the orange shade outfits to be a part of the crowd that celebrates this day. This day also witnesses the good deed of people selling their rations, secondhand goods, souvenirs, toys, books, and homestead products for free. These markets and food stalls are where you can make friends!

3. Flag Day: June

This time marks the beginning of the harvest season for herrings. The streets, docks, ports, ships, and vessels in the fishing town are glamoured with flags and host traditional stalls of herring tasting and exhibitions on local fishing occupations like basket weaving and cheese making. Blend in with the locals by taking part in their traditional games and merriment.

4. Sint Maarten: November

On the death anniversary of the Roman soldier, monk, and then made saint Sint Maarten, this day is remembered and commemorated especially for children. They carry homemade lanterns to doorsteps, sing one of the many Sint Maarten songs to collect treats, and play with their fellow mates.

5. Sinterklass: November - December

One of the largest parades for Santa Claus or Saint Nicholas. This begins when he is believed to come from Spain in November where the parade starts from the boat ride in Amstel River to the Dam Square. As he is considered the patron of children in the Netherlands, they are encouraged to leave their shoes outside for him to drop their gifts in it. The parade simply marks the beginning of the winter festivities.

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6. Amsterdam Canal Festival: August

Over 165 or more canals are built in Amsterdam and most of them are deemed to be UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Even more so in August, the most prominent ones are decorated and given a day to celebrate. Music festivals and parades in the sea and on the floating vessels in the canals are a treat for the senses. Do not forget the very special Prinsengracht concert on a floating pontoon.

7. Spring Exhibit of Keukenhof Gardens: March, May

The beautiful landscapes and gardens display their bloomed haven of beautiful tulips, hyacinths, bluebells, and daffodils in springtime where the gardens are open for the public to relish. Spot the Dutch among these beauties taking pride in their blooms and never forget to squeeze a few clicks with them as well, The Keukenhof Gardens is the largest one there is also where the flower parade is hosted.

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8. Redhead Day: September

A unique and very spectacular display of togetherness can be spotted if you are there in the Netherlands during September to watch thousands of redheaded people coming together and being celebrated. Lots of fun, games, workshops, and exhibits await your participation here.

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