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Cannabis Themed Date Night Ideas

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When it comes to date ideas for stoners, it doesn't always have to revolve solely around smoking and staying indoors. There are tons of fun activities like shopping for new glass together or going on a weed farm tour that doesn't necessarily involve toking (although it doesn't hurt).

Normal dates like going to the movies or dinner are also much more exciting when both people are high. Weed dates are just as much fun as a first date (if you know he or she is a smoker) as they are if you've been married for years. These are just a few weed-friendly date nights that you and your significant other will love.

Cook Edibles Together

Even if your cooking skills aren't the best, you and your date will have a blast figuring out an edible recipe together and testing out the results. Surprisingly, making homemade edibles isn't that hard to do and the options are endless. Start by creating a weed edible essential, cannabutter. The easiest thing to do is incorporate the butter into a recipe you already love cooking like nonna's special pasta or your family's favorite lemon cake. Just swap out some normal butter for cannabutter. Don't forget to test out your infused creations.

Go Hiking High

There's nothing that comes close to toking in the great outdoors. It's something about the fresh air, mountain views, lack of civilization, and a potent strain that just works so well together. Smoking weed and hiking is something everyone can get behind, even those that don't consider themselves outdoorsy. Hit up a trail you are familiar with (preferably with lots of shade if you go hiking in summer) and don't forget to pack extra water and snacks because dehydration and the munchies are real.

Organize a Picnic or BBQ

Soak up the sunshine and give your home-cooked edibles a try, or pack a picnic and bring along your favorite vaporizer or portable dab rig. Stoner couples will love this more affordable alternative to going to a restaurant. Not only is it cheaper, but it's also a much more personal experience and you and your date can smoke as much pot as you please.

Light up and Do a Bar Hop

Bars hops are a ton of fun, but have you ever done an elevated bar hop? Choose an area with lots of bars and restaurants within walking distance and make a plan ahead of time so you don't forget to hit your favorite dives. Bars with live music or games like billiards, darts, or foosball make the night more exciting, but don't forget to also save time for blazing up and grabbing a bite to eat. If your date prefers to avoid getting crossfaded, you can always switch it up with a munchies hop instead where you can show off all your favorite dishes around town.

Tour a Pot Farm

If you live in a cannabis legal state and enjoy smoking bud, take your date on a visit to a weed farm to pay some respect to your local marijuana cultivators. Seeing the plants do their thing and learning about how weed is grown and harvested is an eye-opening experience for stoner couples and a truly unique date idea that both of you won't soon forget. For the most fun and the best photographs, try to find an outdoor grow.

Visit an Amusement Park

You can't go wrong with a trip to an amusement park and going baked takes the experience to another level. Be sure to check for special events like Halloween nights that could make the date that much more memorable. If you think you'll get in trouble for bringing your vape pen, opt for edibles instead. Most amusement parks allow you to bring in some snacks and water, so edibles won't be a problem (just remember to also carry and eat some real food too).

Spend a Night in With the Perfect Video Game

Getting baked and playing video games may sound like the ideal way to spend a Friday night home alone, but if playing video games is something you love, you should share it with your date too. Stick to party games with split-screen so both of you can play together and let's not forget about the snacks for when the munchies hit. Super Mario Party, Rocket League, Super Smash Bros, Mortal Kombat, Minecraft, Gang Beasts, and Mario Kart are all great picks that won't leave your date bored on the couch.

Attend a Cannabis Event

From annual gatherings to promote cannabis reform, to weed competitions, and pot-friendly music festivals, there are numerous marijuana events held around the world each year. If your date is even a little interested in weed, they will love spending time around other potheads and being part of one of these events. Some events are free or very low cost, while others require you to reserve tickets well in advance, but there are events that fit every interest and budget.

Other Date Ideas for Stoners:

If you want an easy and discreet way to get high during date night, check out Everything For 420 for some of the best vaporizers, vape pens, and portable dab rigs that you can toke on the go.

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Kalena is happy to take any chance she can to share about how to responsibly enjoy legal cannabis - from the health benefits to social interactions. This is a rapidly-evolving industry that requires regular reading to stay on top of the latest developments.

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