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How To Pack A Cooked Lobster For Travel

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Summer is here, and you know what that means: long road trips are on the way!

Most people on road trips will pack something light and quick. However, you are not most people. You are a lobster enthusiast, and there is no better way to enjoy lobsters than being on the road.

The warm feeling of eating protein-packed, healthy treats like lobster does not need to go with dimly-lit chandeliers and red wines. Lobsters should be enjoyed as a snack while viewing the green mountains out of our car's windows.

Lobsters are a delicious seafood treat, but they expire quickly and can be challenging to store. Often, people who grill perfect lobsters don't know how to store them, so lobsters go bad, and they waste their hard-earned money.

Are you going on a road trip and planning to snack on lobsters? Here are some tips on packing grilled lobsters for travel so you can enjoy them wherever you go!

What You Will Need to Store Grilled Lobsters

If you're traveling and want to pack cooked lobsters with you to enjoy on the road or because you are following a diet regime to be fit while traveling, there are a few things you need to make sure they stay fresh. Firstly, a cooler or an insulated container.

The most practical way to store cooked lobsters is inside a styrofoam container. It is well insulated for perishables. Make sure you close the cap tightly and check the container for holes because they can affect the insulation, leading to decreased storage time for your lobsters.

Styrofoam containers are available anywhere cheaply. However, if you want to maximize storage time, a dedicated cooler is recommended.

Coolers work by circulating cold air around lobsters, which helps to keep them fresh, preventing spoilage. Most coolers also have a ventilation system to extract excess moisture, further extending the shelf life of your lobsters.

While coolers seem like the best way to store lobsters, they will not do so effectively without ice packs. Ice packs are essential for keeping the lobster's temperature low and preventing bacterial growth. The lobsters will spoil quickly without ice packs, even when kept inside coolers.

Tip: make sure you get regular ice packs, not dry ice. Dry ice can be too cold and lead to frostbite, which reduces the freshness of your lobsters.

How to Pack Cooked Lobsters in Containers

While packing lobsters, place an ice pack at the bottom of the container, then put the lobster on top. Cover the lobster with another ice pack, ensuring all exposed areas are covered.

You can also wrap lobsters in plastic wrap or place them in a resealable bag to prevent them from touching the ice, further drying them out.

When you're ready to travel, put the container in a cooler or other suitable container and keep it refrigerated until you reach your destination. Cooked lobster can stay fresh for several hours to a day with proper preparation.

If you are traveling by plane, consuming the lobster within a few hours of cooking is best. The change in pressure can make the lobster's texture tough, so it will not taste as fresh. If you are planning to eat them on the plane, it is best to bring a small container of mayonnaise or lemon juice to dip the lobster in to mask the tough texture.

In conclusion, here are five tips that will help you pack your lobsters without fail:

1. Let the lobsters cool completely before packing them. It is best to put cooked lobsters in the fridge the night before your trip.

2. Place your lobsters in a resealable bag or container. Cover them with ice at the bottom and on top.

3. If traveling by car, keep the lobster chilled with more ice until you reach your destination.

4. If traveling by plane, check with the airline to see if they allow perishable products on board.

5. When ready to eat, simply reheat the lobster and enjoy!

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