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Guide to the Most Instagramable Cruises Around the World

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Cruises have come a long way. Now, it has become one of the travel enthusiasts' most sought options for disembarking on the journey to travel worldwide. Besides the cruise itself being picturesque, it takes you to different destinations blessed with striking views that you can reach via cruise.

Along with getting a glimpse of magical destinations, one can click captivating pictures with their beloved. The sight of pictures worth uploading on Insta makes you feel enthralled. From island hopping in Croatian islands to witnessing the spectacular beaches in South Africa, we have rounded up the list of most instagramable cruises around the world.


Hop on the Alaska cruise to begin the wild spree and explore the wilderness beyond the next level. Be ready to catch sight of massive glaciers, incredibly voracious wildlife, and serene national parks. Don't just visit the destination with a vague mindset; instead, feel the vibe of this enchanting place. For an adrenaline rush and once-in-a-lifetime experience, you ought to travel to Alaska via Cruise. Moreover, you have the opportunity to spot the giant whales under the bone-wrenching cold water.

Take pictures of yourself, boasting extraordinary nature. Out of all, the Royal Caribbean Cruise ship is perfect for watching whales, spotting the polar bears lying on the snow, and for soaking up the oceanic views of the South pacific.

Click at Mendenhall Ice Glacier, Juneau, for awe-inspiring views. Also, don't forget to see the ethereal Northern Lights that appear during months with little sunlight. Grab your smartphone or camera and start posing. After a getaway in Alaska, you will be back for sure with a truckload of memories.

Croatian Islands

The Dalmatian Coast in the Croatia region is famous for its splendid beauty, prolonged sunshine, scrumptious food, and unique culture. The two well-known destinations you can expect to come across while on Croatian cruise Island hopping tours are Split and Dubrovnik, both must-visits for the Instagram traveler. Croatia is indeed the best go-to place in the world for cruising and, interestingly, island hopping.

For the best experience, board the cruise and hop from island to island situated around the southern Adriatic Sea. Every day on the cruise is a new opportunity to come across something spectacular and click vibrant photos. Enjoy fantastic food while sailing onboard on the cruise. Island Hopping is best if you want to cover several destinations without spending many hours.

Pictures speak louder than words and even louder when taken in Croatian Islands. Ladies can sunbathe on a paddleboard at Split. For the traditional cum modern fanatics, this spot is perfect for photography.

Next comes the impressive medieval walls in Dubrovnik that you can see from the cruise. Korcula also called Little Dubrovnik, is famous for its beaches, monuments, cultural heritage, and local wine.

© Josh Benderinstagram-cruises-04220.jpg
Split, Croatia

The Mekong River

There are various Mekong River cruises available to explore Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, etc. Mekong river is one of the most adventurous rivers; the wanderlusts come across several fascinating locations for the photoshoot.

Explore the ravishing beauty of Mekong's clear waters, surrounding mountain peaks, massive rock formations, and secluded villages welcoming you. Mekong is not an exception when you are already looking for an opportunity to explore the river's cultural traditions and rich heritage.

For exploring the river's lower basin, the Aqua Mekong cruise ship is preferred by travelers, click here to find out more, if that's something that interests you.

While on the cruise, you will get to see the mystical past and beauty of Indonesian culture. Hop on the cruise ship to click amidst the lush green hills and vast mountains in the backdrop.

South Africa

The ports that lie on the cruise line of South Africa include Durban, Cape Town, and Port Elizabeth. The travelers highly recognize Cape Town as the Mother City of South Africa. From diverse architecture to endless outdoor activities, it is the perfect stunning destination.

Another on the list is Port Elizabeth that is the prime gateway to numerous game parks. It is a must-visit if you want to feel the cool breeze caressing your body and click some photographs.

In Durban, you catch sight of the beach cladded in golden-colored sand which gave it a nickname, African Riviera. Take an adventurous journey to South Africa and realize how wildly beautiful it is. From seeing the golden beach to the high mountains, the destination has many acclaimed places to show.


Keep Bali on your bucket list if you want to spend some quality time with a beau or enjoy your honeymoon. Along with feeling rejuvenated, you will get to click a plethora of pictures for your Instagram if you decide to visit Bali. There are several destinations in Bali to see and do great adventures at the same time.

The terraced rice fields, elegant beaches, and mighty volcanic mountains make Bali an exquisite island. The destination is home to iconic temples and other ancient sites. While in Bali, from scenic backdrops to perfect surroundings, you are bound to feel surprised.

The outsiders adore Bali Cruises, and the reason is via it, you get to explore its different naturally amazing destinations. People fall for its beaches, vibrant coral reefs, rich culture, and fusion of different cuisines.

With the best and premium cruise line available, Bali is no less than a paradise. At the bustling market, shop around and pick items to carry back home. Also pay obeisance at Pura Lahur Uluwatu, a Balinese temple.

You can either relish a romantic dinner on the cruise with the water shimmering in the backdrop or enjoy playing some adventure sports. Make a plan now and cruise in full comfort.

© Josh Benderinstagram-cruises-01129.jpg
Jatiluwih rice terrace, Bali


It's well known that you have already been dreaming about hopping on the yacht and travel to different locations. From gazing at the sky full of twinkling stars to spending long lazy afternoons under the sun, you can do plenty of things on a cruise along with sightseeing.

Click some snaps for Instagram to show your fans how thrilled you feel.

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