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4 Must-Visit Places in Kuala Lumpur While Travelling With Online Bus Tickets

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We spend weeks, months and even years living in a city without actually soaking in the many wonders it is home to. Whether it is the food, culture, people, places or a combination of it all. But what truly enriches the experience of exploring a city is using public transportation to go from one place to another.

Why You Should Go For Online Bus Tickets

Online bus tickets make it easier for you to travel and explore the city without having to carry a physical copy of the ticket or visiting the ticket counter to confirm your trip. The entire system exists on your phone and that mobile application can control everything - from bookings to changes to cancelations. By taking the online route, you are traveling in a time-saving and eco-friendly way.

Must Visit Places in Kuala Lumpur

1. Chinatown

Day or night, Chinatown is always bustling with visitors indulging in different kinds of activities. Located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur and on Petaling Street, Chinatown is perpetually filled with colors and bustles. While exploring the city by bus, make sure to include Chinatown as one of your stops.

If you are a true bargain hunter, you are in for some amazing offers and deals since Chinatown is also famously known as the 'Bargain Hunter's Paradise.' From the Chinese herbs to the imitation goods at steal-worthy prices, you can find it all in Chinatown. Especially at night, the place turns into a lively night market with loads in store for shoppers.

There are hundreds of stalls offering all kinds of goods at dirt-cheap prices. Another popular and more local name of Chinatown is also known as 'Chee Cheong Kai' (Starch Factory Street), a reference to its roots as a tapioca-producing district. Deeply immersed in Oriental culture, heritage, and history, Chinatown is a must-visit for anyone who is out on the road while exploring Kuala Lumpur by bus. While booking your online bus tickets, get down at City Centre Bus Terminus which is just a few minutes away from Chinatown.

2. Petaling Street

Petaling Street is one of the most popular landmark marketplaces in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Since it is mainly a marketplace, it is constantly swarming with people from all walks of life - locals and tourists, merchants, and shopkeepers.

Petaling Street holds great cultural value but more than that, it is a great place for feasting on delicious local food. There are numerous scrumptious food stalls that serve authentic Malaysian dishes like the Curry Noodles, Ayam (Chicken) Laksa, Ikan Bakar (barbecued fish), and Hokkien Mee. The seafood is definitely something you must try.

There is a green awning lining the roof that covers the entire stretch of the market area. This is to protect the shoppers and shop/stall owners from rain and heat. At night, the street is bright with neon lights and the whole place is thriving with life, energy, happy shoppers, and food lovers. While booking your online bus tickets and including Petaling Street as a stop, know that any bus heading towards Kotaraya Shopping Complex and Central Market will be able to take you to Petaling Street.

3. Jalan Alor

© Josh Benderalor-street-food-night-market-05171.jpg
Grilled meat on Jalan Alor

Consider Jalan Alor to the 'food Mecca' of Kuala Lumpur. Food lovers and cultural enthusiasts from all over the country and even overseas, make sure to visit Jalan Alor and its many seafood restaurants and hawker stalls. It is one of the busiest food streets in the entire world where you can sample out a plethora of delicacies at pocket-friendly prices.

What was once considered as a red-light district has now turned into a booming and one of the most sought-after culinary destinations in not just Asia but in the world. There are street hawkers lined up on either side of the road, offering rustic and authentic flavors that one could sample in Malaysia. The shouts of the street vendors, flavors bustling from each corner, and the action of the grills offer this place a unique vibe that you won't get in any other part of Malaysia.

Traveling by bus would be the most convenient way to reach Jalan Alor. Book online bus tickets and make sure to follow the purple line and green line of Kuala Lumpur City Buses to reach Jalan Alor.

4. Central Market

© Josh Bendercentral-market-05226.jpg
Main entrance to Central Market

Another famous destination to include in your places to visit in Kuala Lumpur would be the Central Market. Located at the heart of the city center, the iconic landmark has been in existence since 1888. Once only a wet market, the place was re-established in the 1980s to the Central Market you see and visit today. Also known as Pasar Seni, the market is a must-visit for art lovers and shopaholics. There are hundreds of stalls lined up in the streets selling authentic handicrafts, fabulous boutiques, traditional Malaysian batik items, and numerous souvenirs for locals and tourists to splurge their money on.

Central Market also serves as the hub for celebrating many festivals such as the Chinese New Year, Hari Raya, and the Indian festival of Deepavali. During such festive occasions, you will get to witness several exhibitions and cultural events taking place here.

The market is easily accessible via bus, train, and taxi from all parts of the city. If you are traveling by bus, there are three kinds of bus services you can avail of to reach Central Market - Rapid KL bus, KL hop-on-hop-off city tour bus, and the free Go KL tourist bus (Purple line). You can choose which options suit you best and purchase your online bus tickets accordingly.


Exploring your own city or a brand new city can always be exciting and full of surprises. Rather than traveling by a private vehicle, take the bus and soak in the city views while being seated next to people from all walks of life. If you purchase online bus tickets, it is going to be twice the fun!

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