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Why Mountain Bikes Are the Perfect Traveling Companion

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Traveling by bike used to be a lot more difficult.

These days, you can take your advanced, foldable mountain bike with you anywhere you go, and explore other states and cities, fascinating suburbs, and unique countryside landscapes without relying on cars or public transport. Biking holidays can also be relaxing, allowing you to discover hidden, remote places you wouldn't otherwise have access to.

Biking vacations in the US can be especially exciting, opening up the beautiful countryside, coastlines and mountains. Being part of trips focusing almost exclusively on biking, you can tackle the most challenging trails and have fun along the way.

The Mountain Bike: A Cheap and Practical Means of Exploration

Mountain bikes are relatively cheap, fast, and healthy alternatives to traveling by car, bus, plane, train, or any other type of powered vehicle. Whether you're exploring the mountains with friends and family, or just looking to leave the city for a few days, you can take your bike with you to move around with greater speed and agility than walking, see lots of remote places in nature even in a single day, and cover dozens or even hundreds of miles without worrying about fuel costs or expensive car maintenance.

The mountain bike is the perfect companion whether you're looking to gently pedal down the coast, explore the mountains of Colorado, or navigate the busy streets of some of the largest metropolitan areas in the US. Spending a week or two on a cycling holiday will also boost your health, allow you to get away from your stressful daily routine, and have an unfiltered experience of the world around you that will create genuinely unforgettable memories.

Meeting Interesting New People

Biking holidays also give you a chance to meet a lot of fascinating individuals and join communities that are fascinated with bikes and biking. Bike clubs not only help you find new trails and choose the best bikes for your trip, but also allow you to engage with fun, like-minded travelers and biking enthusiasts who could become lifelong friends.

Comfort and Reliability - Why Modern Bikes Are Worth It

Modern mountain bikes are no longer bulky, uncomfortable or high maintenance. They are designed to be lightweight, fast, comfortable, and remarkably durable. Even bike helmets are much safer, lighter, and more aerodynamic than in the past. Modern tech trends include electronic suspensions, specially designed wheels and tires for rough terrain, and highly advanced MTB gear shifter technologies that can put older Shimano shifters to shame.

It's also worth mentioning polymer coatings, which are thin layers of lightweight polymer material applied to the body and parts of modern MTBs to make them more aerodynamic, appealing, and durable. Polymer coatings can be protective, decorative, or functional. Air friction is reduced, and you can tackle difficult, muddy, or rocky terrains without worrying about how they'd affect your bike.

Portable Lightweight Bikes

Many modern bike designs are also foldable and portable, being easily wrapped up and stored in the trunk of a car or even your backpack. This is an excellent advantage for holiday trips that require traveling by bus, plane or train to get to locations and events that are too far away to cycle to, or when you want to explore several cities that are too far apart.

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