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Plastic-Free Lifestyle: 5 Tips for a Life Without Single-Use Plastic

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Wondering how to get plastic out of your life?

While it seems indispensable in our daily lives, there are many simple ways that you can cut down single-use plastic. And luckily nowadays, you'll find plenty of sustainable alternatives.

Here are 5 tips to help you get started on your journey to a plastic-free lifestyle.

Say Goodbye to Single-Use Plastic Bags

Say goodbye to plastic when you go shopping by bringing your own shopping bag. It does not need to be made of canvas material. It can be any kind of bag that you have available at home - anything to cut down on plastic.

But if you have any plastic bags from previous purchases, you can use those too. That way, you avoid accumulating new single-use bags and generating waste. Then when it's time for your single-use plastic bag to retire, ask your local stores if they have any recycling programs in place. Walmart, for instance, has recycling bins for plastic bags in their stores.

Alternatively, if you have time to get creative, you can create your own customized bags by turning an old shirt into a grocery bag. There are so many resources online that you can follow step by step, such as this one.

Skip the Food Plastic Packaging

Is it possible to keep plastic away in the kitchen, of all places? The answer is yes. When possible, skip food packaging by bringing your own container when buying meat products. You can directly purchase from the shop butcher instead of buying pre-packaged meat in plastic or styrofoam trays.

Now, if you want to better organize your raw ingredients, you can opt for reusable silicone food bags. Home Hero bags are freezer-friendly, leak-proof, and free from toxic materials such as BPA, PVC, and phthalate. These are perfect for storing not only meats but also vegetables and fruits.

What's also great is that each silicone bag comes with measurements that will help make food preparation easier, minimizing food waste. After all, food waste also happens to be a source of pollution, plastic is not the only culprit.

Say No To Disposable Plastic Cutlery

In relation to plastic packaging, another tip for a plastic-free lifestyle is to refuse plastic cutlery when ordering food to go or for delivery. Simply inform the restaurant that you won't be needing disposable plastic forks and spoons so that they won't include them in your order.

And the best alternative? Just use your existing reusable ones! You might be wondering, what if you're going to work? Pack your own utensils or invest in a reusable set such as this handmade bamboo cutlery by Jungle Culture that comes with a travel pouch. You can easily pack that in your work bag.

When it comes to special occasions, skip the single-use utensils as well as the disposable plates. For intimate gatherings, give your guests a better dining experience by setting your dining table with reusable plates and utensils.

If you don't have enough utensils or if you're having more guests over, check out eco-friendly disposable dinnerware. This can help you save water and make cleaning up easier. You can find compostable options such as bio-based disposable wood plates and utensils and eco-friendly classic plates.

Carry Your Own Reusable Bottle


Millions of single-use plastic water bottles are used every year. Unfortunately, 80% of those end up filling our landfills and polluting the environment with harmful chemicals. For a plastic-free lifestyle, switch to reusable bottles.

There are so many that you can choose from, and you will surely find one that fits your needs. For instance, this reusable stainless steel water bottle features a double vacuum wall that can keep your drink hot or cold for hours. It's perfect for workouts, travel, going to meetings, and even if you're just staying home!

Your body will thank you for staying hydrated, and the planet will thank you for helping keep plastic away.

Switch To Reusable Personal Care Products

Plastic is indeed everywhere, even in your beauty and personal care products, but we can take small steps towards change by switching to eco-friendly alternatives to the products we use every day.

One is swapping single-use cotton rounds for sustainable cotton rounds. This will help you cut the amount of plastic packaging that comes with the product. LastRound works just like its disposable counterparts, and it feels like the real deal too. Use it for skin cleansing, removing make-up, or applying skincare products. Unlike disposable rounds, it comes with a bio-based case that is completely compostable.

You can also start exploring sustainable skincare products. You can opt for all-purpose vegan bars that you can use both for hair and the body. These come in plastic-free packaging to avoid waste. Best of all, Chagrin Valley is made of natural organic ingredients such as coconut oil, neem, calendula, and castor oil that are very good for your skin.

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