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5 Essential Steps to Become a Resident in Spain

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Whether you're interested in setting up a business in Spain or just moving there with your family, the best option for a long-term (or permanent) stay is to get your residency.

Of course, the Spanish residency will not be that easy to obtain, and you'll find there are a few important steps to consider.

1. Make Plans to Stay in Spain for an Extended Period

If you want to get a Spanish residency, committing to your goal early on will quickly become a necessity. Anyone interested in becoming a resident in Spain will have to live in the Iberian country for a minimum of at least 5 years. If you're serious about getting your residency, plan on remaining even longer and make sure that you have the financial means and the ability to commit to such a lengthy stay.

2. Find the Right Experts to Help You

The journey toward getting your Spanish residency might be fraught with difficulty. Once you move there, you'll find that there are many additional steps - the most essential of which will be listed below.

If you want to make sure that you have the best chance to become a resident, consider getting assistance from an expert immigration attorney office like Balcells Group International Lawyers. These friendly and resourceful experts have been helping people of all walks of life start their lives anew in foreign countries, and they specialize in Spanish immigration laws. They can also help you with legal support to obtain your visa, set up a business, buy real estate, and much more.

If you are going to move your possessions, you may need specialists, such as car shipping companies.

3. The Best Type of Visa

When you move to Spain, you'll find that there are three different types of residencies you can obtain: short-term, long-term, and permanent. If you want to become a permanent resident, you'll have to make sure you apply for the right type of visa from the start. Employment visas are considered the best and safest option. You can also opt for a student visa, which can help you relocate temporarily at first, then apply for permanent residency later. Finally, non-lucrative and investment visas are also available for foreigners who have the means to support themselves or start their own business in Spain.

4. Obtaining Your Residency as a Non-EU Citizen

Citizens within the European Union (EU) will typically have an easier time obtaining their Spanish residency compared to people living outside the EU. An EU citizen will typically be able to obtain a permit within 24 hours, without a visa, just by proving that they have a minimum of 6,000 Euros in the bank and private medical insurance. As a non-EU citizen, you'll have to go through the process of obtaining or renewing your visa, getting a work permit, or relying on the support of a family member from within the EU (family regrouping visa), before even applying for your residency.

5. The Application Process

Once you get your visa and everything is in good order, you'll be able to apply for your Spanish residency without a problem. Aside from living in Spain for 5 years, you also have to prove that you can support yourself without the government's help, get proper insurance and submit your application with the Foreigner's Office. The full process is somewhat more complicated and will require you to get support from a professional attorney office like Balcells Group, in order to avoid any difficulties.

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