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3 Ways to Travel from Rome to Naples, Italy

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Are you looking to get to Naples and enjoy the Italian countryside, a relaxing trip on a boat or train, or a quicker way by air?

There are many ways of reaching Naples from Rome, but when you're in the Italian capital, most experts will likely recommend the following three approaches to be the best ones.

1. Driving to Naples

Traveling to Naples by car will give you the best option to choose various routes depending on where you want to get sidetracked to explore some of the amazing local countryside. If you have time, you can think of exploring the coastline by taking Via Appia Nuova, State Road 8 and the Via Flacca through Gaeta. The route will eventually take you through Mondragone and Formia, and you'll reach the A56 which will set you back en route to Naples.

If you want the fastest way, you should definitely take the A90/E80 to reach the A1/E45 toll highway. You'll have to drive for about 2 hours and a half, but the journey will be relatively easy, and it even allows you to stop at Montecassino to visit some beautiful sights like the Benedictine Monestary.

2. Traveling by Train

One of the most comfortable ways to get from Rome to Naples is by train. Through this method, you get to enjoy the beautiful countryside, relax more and see more of the Italian countryside without having to actually make a stop there. Italians themselves consider the train from Rome to be the best way to get to Naples.

The route allows regular trains from Trenitalia and Italo, and the trip takes about two hours by most InterCity trains, although there are high speed trains that can get you to your destination in as little as 1 hour and 10 minutes. Slower, regional trains will take a little longer, and on busy travel days you might have to stand when you opt for regional tickets. As such, most experts recommend spending a little extra on an InterCity ticket to travel in comfort and style.

Underground train station in Rome

3. Getting There by Bus

It doesn't take long or cost much to get to Naples via bus. The trip can be less expensive than going by train, and you can arrive in as little as 2 hours and a half.

Still, because Naples and Rome have different bus systems, getting from one city to the other by bus is a little harder. A private bus company might be your best choice, and depending on the bus you take, you can be on the road for up to 4 hours.

The Tiber River in Rome

Other Means of Transport

By taxi or with the help of a private driver, you can get to Naples very quickly if there is no traffic. However, if the traffic is too intense, the price will likely be higher than you'd expect it to be.

Cruises and boats are both available to get from Rome to Naples, although this type of route can get a little more complicated, and it can take a lot longer to get to Naples than by any other means.

Finally, traveling from Rome to Naples by air is probably the fastest way through a direct flight, but the problem is not all of them are direct. Most experts will actually say that it's easier sometimes to take the train than to deal with the different airplane routes that could sometimes keep you stuck in transit for many hours.

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