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3 Sustainable Travel Tips for 2023

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Are you thinking about traveling again?

In the last year, we, as a civilization, have gone through a lot together. From the world shutting down, seeing the major travel destinations get a chance to heal, as the heavily laden traffic in them ceased to nothing for months on end.

As individuals, we have taken a mental toll from the last year to two, having to cut out many things in our life that brought happiness to us. Signs of anxiety and depression have become more recognizable, while online therapy has taken a massive jump in visibility and acceptance. Showing us there is always a silver lining if you look hard enough. If you have been struggling mentally and haven't seen a therapist yet, here is a complete guide on what to say at your first therapy session to help get over the uncomfortable feeling of talking to a stranger.

The silver lining to having all major travel destinations go into lockdown in 2020 is that we all could not deny the positive effects this had on the locations, fauna, flora, ocean and air quality.

Now that borders are slowly opening and travel is gradually picking up, it's not time to forget what we saw and learned.

Here are three ways to travel sustainably during your post-COVID trips.

Sustainable Luggage

Before you even book your next trip, you can do your part to leave as small as possible impact on our planet. Monos Luggage & Travel is one of the first luggage companies that has taken the time to make sure every step of their luggage creation is sustainable. They have their Climate Neutral certification, which is only given to those companies worldwide that follow these strict rules. Not only do they create sustainable suitcases they are also stylish and durable, so buy your check-in and carry-on today in prep for your next trip.

Limit Your Single-Use Plastics

We have all seen the horrific videos of oceans filled with plastic bags and single-use water bottles. You have most likely stopped using single-use grocery bags and carry a reusable water bottle while at home, turning it into an everyday routine.

Pack your reusable grocery bag in your check-in as you pack for the trip. The bag can be used in many ways, from taking your towels down to the beach or picking up your daily snacks and food to have at your Airbnb. I suggest you buy a smaller reusable water bottle than the one you use at home. Doing so because packing room is a valued commodity when traveling, but it's easy to always find a tap to refill your water bottle as you take your daily sightseeing trips.

Public Transit, Ride Share Bicycles & Walk

One of the most significant ways to reduce our carbon footprint when in a new destination is to get around the city as the locals do. Many major cities around the globe have an extensive subway, Skytrain, and bus systems that will take you anywhere you need in a shorter time than it would take to fight traffic in a taxi. By signing up to a bike-share app or using your own two feet, you will not only be helping the earth, but you will also be helping your physical and mental health.

You don't need to look at traveling sustainably as something that will take away from your experience. As you have read, making positive choices for our planet will also add value to your trips.

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