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Dreaming of jet setting in 2021? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a location-dependent career, where you could work remotely from a new location every month, or year?

For many years, teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) has been a popular way for people to work while traveling the world. The fantastic thing about TEFL is that it can be done digitally online, or psychically in-class.

As we know, being able to work, learn, and teach in the online space has been a saving grace for millions of people worldwide with everything this pandemic has brought. In recent times, TEFL teaching has gained the spotlight due to its flexible nature and the fact that online class enrolments, in general, have soared with the sudden closure of schools and institutions.

For many years, TEFL has provided a sense of financial stability, or a new income avenue for many that have lost their jobs, got bored of their 9-5, or longed for a nomadic lifestyle. The internet provides a fast, accessible way of earning money wherever you are in the world. Did you know, over 32% of people now take an online class? The demand for online teachers is growing, and as a result, (thankfully) the TEFL industry is booming! When we surveyed newly qualified TEFL teachers, 81% of them said they are planning to start teaching online, rather than in class. Online teaching is more than just a great source of income, it's a truly rewarding occupation too. Not only are the students learning a new skill, but the teacher inevitably learns so much about different cultures and nationalities from their mix of students.

2021 will hopefully be the year of travel for many, with borders reopening and restrictions easing, people are putting the work in now to prepare for new beginnings next year. Now is the perfect time to enrol in an online TEFL course and get qualified so that you are ready to hop on a flight to teach abroad when the time comes, or stay put and teach online from home! What many people don't know, is that there's no degree required to become a TEFL teacher, you just need a TEFL qualification! So, the idea of traveling the world while earning a steady income isn't actually so far-fetched…


Many people will be itching to go abroad next year, and others will have a new found love for their home country and will want to stay put. If you seem to be the only one in your friend group craving a nomadic lifestyle in 2021, or if you're struggling to find people to commit to travel plans, having a TEFL qualification is a fantastic safety net for solo travelers! A TEFL qualification will open so many doors, you'll meet a community of like-minded people, see some of the most beautiful places and earn an income while you travel!

Making the huge decision to uproot your life and move abroad can be daunting of course, but it's made easier with a TEFL qualification. Being TEFL qualified will allow you to earn a steady income wherever your travel bug takes you. The feelings of uncertainty about landing in your new home without a job or your friends are eliminated when you have a TEFL certificate in your back pocket. The financial stress is lifted and you can focus your attention on being excited for the big move rather than worrying about it!

As discussed, an Online Level 5 TEFL course from The TEFL Academy will equip you to teach in-class or online! Teach in class in your chosen country, or teach online while you travel the world, or simply stay at home! The opportunities are truly endless and flexibility in a career is a sought-after perk nowadays, especially given the unpredictability of the current climate. Don't feel like you can't pursue a TEFL career now that COVID is restricting travel. In fact, when we completed an analysis of the market, 52% of TFEL teachers only began their TEFL career after COVID hit! 76% of TEFL teachers are looking forward to teaching abroad when the borders reopen, while the rest are happy to teach online!

Whatever your plans may be for 2021, it's always a good idea to have a second income avenue. If you're after that nomadic lifestyle that gives you the freedom to travel, then getting TEFL qualified will allow you to do just that. A stable internet connection will be essential for online teaching, take it from the experts! Invest in a decent headset, a laptop, and don't forget the laptop stand so you can turn any surface into a desk (even a sun lounger on the beach). You can read more about The TEFL Academy's courses and tips for aspiring TEFL teachers at

About the author

Simon has been involved in the education industry for many years and is passionate about giving freedom and flexibility to teachers. When it comes to TEFL, there are few in the industry that understand the dynamics better than Simon, so you can be sure his advice is trustworthy.

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