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3 Transport Options for Traveling Through Europe

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Europe is a hot travel destination for many.

Its mix of medieval and contemporary structures, beautiful beaches, and adventurous mountains provide tourists with hundreds of attractions to visit. Unlike other provinces, Europe offers a unique tourism opportunity as you only need one visa to visit 27 of its countries.

There are multiple transportation methods for getting around Europe. You must understand each one to decide how you can maximize your trip without breaking the bank. Let's explore them in detail.

1. Take a Bus

Taking an intercity bus is one of the most popular ways of getting around Europe. Eurolines and Flixbus are the most preferred intercity buses since they are cheap and have routes throughout the continent. They also come equipped with wifi, outlets, and comfortable seating so you can catch up on social media or news and recharge your devices. Most intercity buses allow one carry-on bag and one suitcase to be stored under the bus for free. If you are traveling with more luggage, the staff can request payment.

While intercity buses do not have toilets, they stop every few hours so you can make a quick trip to the restroom and stretch your legs. You can also consider getting an overnight bus for long distances since you won't have to spend money on getting accommodation and can save time by traveling and sleeping simultaneously.

2. Rent a Car

Renting a car is another popular transportation method. It gives you the luxury of setting your schedule and not worrying about missing your bus, train, or flight. It can also be cheaper, especially if traveling with a large group or family, since the combined prices of planes and buses are expensive. With a rental car, you can arrive at your exact location without walking long distances or taking public transport.

You can also get a long term car rental plan if you want to explore Europe leisurely. These plans go up to several months and allow you to experience the continent as a local. Smaller European cities and towns have little to no public transport, making a car a necessity, especially if you do not want to walk around in the heat or cold.

3. Book a Budget Airline

Many people prefer to explore Europe by flying from city to city. Europe is home to numerous budget airlines, with Ryanair being one of the most popular. If booked in advance, you can get flight tickets cheaper than bus tickets. They are also the fastest transport option, but you will lose time traveling to airports that are commonly outside the cities. Budget airlines only allow one carry-on and must pay extra for extra luggage. They also do not provide inflight meals, so make sure you grab a bite before getting on.


Traveling to Europe is a great way to relax and explore some of the world's best museums, mountains, beaches, and historical sites. However, traveling is expensive, and spending too much on transportation can hinder you from fully exploring the wonderful continent and seeing its attractions and delicacies. Instead, you can budget your transport by taking buses, budget airlines, or renting a car. Each transportation option offers a unique experience and allows you to explore Europe differently. Analyze your options carefully to create a travel plan that best suits your needs.

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