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3 of the Top Most Exciting Travel Destinations for Israelis

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Despite COVID-19, the tourism industry continues to be pretty active.

These days, as many countries are lifting the ban on worldwide travel, many Israelis are looking forward to planning their future vacations in some of their favorite countries, including the top 3 destinations listed below.

1. Spain

The country of Spain is one of the few European countries that truly has a deeply rooted history associated with the Jewish people. The Jewish links of Spain date back to the 6th century. The area is linked to Sephardic Jews who have lived in the area, including both the territories of Spain and Portugal.

With many Jewish people worldwide having Sephardic roots, reconnecting with their heritage is one of the main motivations for anyone living in Israel to consider traveling to Spain. While much of central and eastern Europe will lack the kind of cultural and religious support that many Jews with a more traditional mindset might be looking for during their travels, Spain offers the advantage of Synagogues and old Juderías (a common name for Jewish neighborhoods) to be found and visited even at short notice.


There is an impressive cultural and historic heritage associated with anyone looking to travel to Spain from Israel, and with the travel ban to Spain lifted since the end of August, you can easily plan an exciting itinerary for your next vacation to the Iberian peninsula.

As an added bonus, Spain is one of the 27 Schengen Area member countries introducing the ETIAS (European Travel Information and Authorization System) electronic travel authorization for short stays. As a result, Israelis will soon be able to visit the country without a traditional visa.

2. The United States

The United States and Israel have historically shared a strong bond ever since the inception of Israel as a nation. As such, Israelis have long been known to travel to the US either to visit their relatives, enjoy the rich culture and many exciting travel destinations that the New World had to offer or even to look for employment and business opportunities.

When it comes to tourism, the United States is currently considered to be the top travel destination for Jewish tourists looking for a place to visit when planning their travel itineraries from Israel.

The US has historically had a strong Jewish presence, and most American Jews (almost 80%) are very proud of their religion, as well as supportive of Israel. Moreover, you can easily find restaurants serving Kosher food in the US, and old and new synagogues are present in all major American cities.

Overall, the number of American Jews, the friendly attitude toward Israel in the United States and the rich Jewish cultural heritage of the country should be reason enough for Israelis to consider visiting the US the next time they're able to, especially since they only need a basic COVID test to get into the country.

3. Turkey

Turkey has historically been closely connected to the Middle East for many centuries, and even today it represents a definite link between Europe and most Middle Eastern countries, including Israel. According to recent statistics, up to 15% of Israelis traveling to western countries have considered either the United States or Turkey as their main destinations. That should tell you something about just how popular Turkey is as a tourist destination for Israeli Jews and non-Jews alike.

Places like Istanbul have welcomed a growing number of Israeli tourists and immigrants in recent years, and the city is considered to be a safe and exciting destination, whether you're looking to visit museums and synagogues that are meaningful to your Jewish culture, or you just want to plan a pleasant cruise.

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