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7 Ways to Edit the Perfect Travel Based Reels

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Once upon a time, whenever you traveled, you could only share your experience through pictures and 15 seconds clips.

Times have changed and have brought new features to Instagram, and it's all for good. Yes! We are talking about Instagram Reels, the popular video feature which is still on hype.

It's a no-brainer that reels are one of the easiest ways for a brand to reach more audiences. However, since we're talking about travel reels, it'll need more than a clever marketing approach and excellent camera gear to make them prominent. It'll also take some skilled editing talents.

Why Instagram Reels for Travel Blogs?

Reels has received a lot of attention and enthusiasm from the social media community despite its recent debut. Furthermore, reels have a higher chance of reaching a wider audience than posts and stories, which is why travel bloggers should use reels.

Your account will reach more feeds and recommendations with relevant hashtags and quality videos.

For a reel to feature in the trend top list, there are some editing skills and Instagram reel tips every travel blogger should know. Here are some of 7 ways to edit the perfect travel-based reels:

1. A Picturesque Time-Lapse Video

There is something ethereal about the time-lapse video. Maybe it's because it captures the ephemeral moments of life so eloquently and poetically.

And that's precisely why you should capture a time-lapse video.

Usually, most phones have unique settings for time-lapse videos, but if yours aren't simple, use any video editing app. Now shoot the video like you usually do and increase its speed to 5x or 6x while editing.

Then, to complement the clip, play some tranquil and relaxing music.

Tip: When shooting video for time-lapse recordings, we recommend using a tripod rather than your hands to avoid a jittery, unpleasant interruption in the middle.

2. Nostalgic Photo Dump Reels

Reels need not always necessarily have to be a video or collection of videos, and they could also be a collection of pictures. Gather your favorite trip snaps and arrange them in a friendly manner, or better yet, let them be a jumble.

Using your video editor, import the photos you've picked and give each one a specific time, no more than 0.5x. After you've set the time, add some music, and your nostalgic photo dump reel is ready to go viral.

Tip: You can also add effects to the pictures to edit how they appear on the video.

3. Slow-Motion Video to Capture Fleeting Moments

There is no better way to display a beautiful landscape than slow-motion videos.

Usually, you will not need a third-party application since most cameras and smartphones already come with the slow-motion option.

Set the slow-motion feature and move the gadget to capture the moment, or you can simply capture the still moment with clouds passing by the scenery.

With tranquil music for the background, you now have masterpiece reels showing up on every feed.

Tip: For slow-motion videos, it is better to rely on tripods for the movement, as even the slightest jitter will ruin the vibe.

4. Panning Video Reels

This is probably the simplest reels trick that will not require special editing tricks.

All you will have to do is move your mobile camera from across the scenery, not too slow and not too fast, at a gentle, moderate speed. The key is to make sure the length of the video is not too long.

Tip: Depending on the vibe of the location, pair the suitable audio and add some text and the location of the place.

5. Transition Videos for the Excitement

Transition videos are quite popular nowadays. A series of events artistically blended and expressed in a 60 seconds short video captivates people's attention. Transition videos may take some effort, but it's all worth it in the end. You can either bring your transition videos or get help from someone else.

From the beginning of the trip to the destination, shoot quick shots of every part of your traveling. Combine the video later.

Shoot from multiple angles, present diverse views, go macro, capture movies in portrait mode, wide-angle, etc.

Combine these clips with a current peppy song to create a professional travel reel!

Tip: When adding special effects for each and every video, make sure not to exaggerate the effects and keep it simple.

7. Make Informative Video Reels

Different countries and cities have their own set of rules. Not everyone is aware of these rules, so you can help them by sharing the rules with videos taken from the city.

Viewers generally find instructive films to be quite informative, so your reel has a reasonable possibility of reaching a larger audience and garnering more Instagram likes and views. You can also take a look at the services provided by Megafamous for more likes and views on your posts and reels.

Combine all of the videos and use a photo editing application to overlay text over them. You may modify the look of your Instagram videos by importing your own typefaces.

Tip: Along with adding text to your video, add the specific rules and other essential information in the captions.

7. Share Your Food Experience

What a good vacation without good food? Right? Then why not use reels to share your culinary adventures?

Take videos of the restaurant or cafe where you are going to eat, and then take close-up shots of the waiter bringing the meal you ordered and the meal in the finest quality.

Since it's a travel video, share the traditional dishes of the city or country.

Make sure to note the dish's name as well as the restaurant. You can also include a brief review of the cuisine in the captions to ensure that your viewers take your advice seriously and save the video.

Tip: If it's spicy food, add dynamic music. Suppose it's a sweet dessert; add a melodious or a classical piece as the reel audio.

Best Tools for Editing Perfect Travel Based Reels

Reels have become increasingly popular worldwide, and all you need are some editing tricks up your sleeve to get your reels in front of a large, like-minded audience. So far, we've talked about some popular editing tricks for making your reels popular.

Here are some notable editing applications for altering picture-perfect reels when it comes to reels:

  1. InShot

  2. KineMaster

  3. Adobe Premiere Rush

  4. FilmoraGo

  5. WeVideo

  6. iMovie

Instagram has its own video editor. Also, you can also use it for free. Most video editing applications are free to use and are easy for beginners to get used to.


With over a billion active users and millions of travel accounts, getting your videos seen may be difficult. As a result, you should employ a variety of marketing strategies, such as posting on a regular basis, using hashtags, and so on.

You may also purchase likes in order to improve the quality of your content and get discovered by the algorithm. Along with the editing procedures outlined above, implement specific strategies to increase the exposure of your reels.

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