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Global Residence Index Insights: Turkey Citizenship's Growing Popularity

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If you are searching for a second option to another country, then dual citizenship is what you are looking for.

You must avail yourself of citizenship by participating in the government approval for the "citizenship by approval program."

We all know that Dual citizenship is an approval to have a legal status recognizing any individual as a resident of more than one country.

The Global Residence Index helps analyze various factors determining ranking, such as ease of doing business, economic growth, quality of living, ease of traveling, tax benefits, etc.

This article gives insights into understanding the Global Residence Index and the reason for the growing popularity of Turkish citizenships.

Let's read further.

Global Residence Index Insights' 2023

The Global Residence Index improves your way of living. The quality of its lifestyle incorporates education, healthcare, business, and enjoying life in comfort. The Global Residence Index Insights into 2023 welcomes investment opportunities for higher living standards.

But you are looking for a better place to live. In that case, you can fill up the registration form for citizenship approval in Turkey. Retirees or individuals wishing for a higher lifestyle mostly opt for Turkish citizenship. It allows them various benefits, which we'll be discussing further.

Let's read more to understand the benefits of living in Turkey!

7 Benefits of Living in Turkey

The cultural significance has been subject to the striking range listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Turkey has a mixed economy with various natural resources, extensive agriculture, supporting a wide range of manufacturing industries, increased trade, growing tourism, and increased demographics.

Now let's discuss the important benefits of living in Turkey with proper citizenship:


The weather condition in Turkey primarily experiences warm summers and mild winters. As a citizen, the hot climate allows you to enjoy hurdle-free water dives and travel across the country. The pleasant time to visit Turkey is from September to mid-November.

Affordable Survival Cost

Turkey is one of the most affordable countries in the Middle East. The average cost for single living is $500, and for a small family is $1500. Comparatively, it is 80% lower than the US population's cost.

Food and Drinks

With its healthy cuisine, Turkish breads are famous, with Raki as their national drink. Since the production of food products is local, food prices have become much more affordable.

Friendly Environment

The Turkish residents are amicable. They welcome tourists from all over the world. Further, the hospitality they provide for their guests forms a great bonding with long-term relationships.

Cultural Exposure

Turkey's cultural impact on the world is highly inspiring. As a resident, you'll be experiencing a unique cultural exposure such as language, food and drinks, tradition, cuisines, festivals, and the rich heritage of Turkish historical legacy.

Business Opportunities

You'll have a better business opportunity if you are eligible for Turkish citizenship. The benefit of having dual citizenship is now you can expand your business in most developing countries.

Insurance Benefits

Turkish citizenship can help you take advantage of many benefits. One such benefit is the advantage of accessing dual healthcare and life insurance benefits in both countries.

Now let's look into the benefits of having a Turkish Passport.

8 Benefits of a Turkish Passport

In this section, we'll discuss the eight different benefits you'll gain from acquiring a valid Turkish Passport.

Here they are in sequential order.

Easy Mobility

It is easier to commute as often as possible, so there are no bars for you. Now you can access 113 countries, including South Korea and Singapore.

Dual Citizenship

Firstly, it grants its citizens the benefit of two citizenship. The investors do not have to fear or are free from the loss of their initial citizenship.


Turkey is a country with low crime. The Turkish government has a robust security system ensuring safety measures for their residents and citizens. You can safely travel alone or with your family anytime without considering any insecurity regarding crime.

Visa-Free Access

Turkish passport holders have visa-free access to 115 destinations. If you want access to Eurasian nations, Turkish passport holders benefit from it since both are emerging as developing countries sharing strong ties.

US Tourist Visa

Now, you can acquire a long-term US visa as a tourist with the help of Turkish citizenship. You can even extend the visa in case your visa expires. Businesses are more reliable for ten years. All you need to do is have all the required documents.

Schengen Visa

A Turkish passport can also aid you to travel around 27 countries in the Schengen area. If you have a passport to Turkey, then as a citizen, you are allowed a Schengen visa for five years.

Tax Benefits

Along with dual citizenship, the Turkish government offers tax benefits to their citizens by providing incentives along with tax credits.

Quality of Life

Another benefit of holding a Turkish passport is that with dual citizenship, you can now decide wherever you want to reside. There is no such imposition on you for a residential stay in Turkey.

You enjoy the quality of life with more significant opportunities and exposure to cultural diversity.

6 Reasons for Turkey's Citizenship Growing Popularity

Now let's discuss the growing popularity of Turkish citizenship. Here are six probable reasons to look at:

Incentives for Investors

The government actively takes a keen interest in various investment programs to attract wealthy foreign investors. On the contrary, the country incentivizes its investors to encourage them in property investments.

Diverse Economy

The multinational blue-chip countries in Eurasia are one of the primary reasons for the growing popularity of Turkey. It has a diverse economy that rose significantly due to Eastern Investments in luxury hotels and residential projects.

Rapid Grown Market

Due to its geographical advantage, Turkey has rapidly grown its marketplace. With its significant reforms, Turkey has achieved the best infrastructure and tourism essential for economic growth.

Property Bargains

As a resident, you can own luxury properties with a minimum Crypto Investment Plan (CIP). The government ensures transparency in property deals, adding a layer of protection for its investors. Bargaining becomes a little easy for you here with CIP.

Quality Medical Facilities

As a resident of Turkey, you may now have premium-quality access to medical facilities. It has modern medical equipment that can provide the best medical support you need.

Quality Education System

In accessing Turkish citizenship, you can gain an opportunity to access a quality education system in both countries. Turkey is the second largest country in the world to provide your child with a world-class higher education system.

Investing in Turkish Citizenship

Turkey offers incredible benefits to its citizens. It is one of the most affordable countries in the Mediterranean region. It is an excellent place if you want to explore the cultural legacy of Middle Eastern countries. The Turkey Citizenship by Investment program overview provides opportunities to its visitors and investors.


We sincerely hope that this article gives you ample insight into the importance of the Global Residence Index 2023. There are several benefits implied for residents availing Turkish citizenship, including the benefits of having a Turkish passport. It all validates the specific reasons for the growing popularity of Turkish citizenship.

I hope you enjoyed reading it.

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