Alice Kuersch

The Friendly Vegan Adventurer

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Hi, my name is Alice and I love nature, travel, and photography. I have been traveling the world (as often as I can) for almost 10 years. My love of adventure has taken me to 25 countries across Asia, Europe, North, Central, and South America and I have lived in the USA, Canada, Scotland, and Japan.

I'm passionate about the environment, sustainability, and living a compassionate lifestyle. As an animal lover, I have been vegan for almost 15 years. I have a zero-waste mindset and always try to make ethical choices as a consumer to support brands that are better for the environment and the community.

I'm learning every single day and I will continue to share my knowledge to help you live a more conscious life.

Alice Kuersch's Travel Specialities

Nature Lover

From jungles to deserts, beaches, and mountains I'm always happiest when I'm outdoors exploring. I am fascinated by geology and love learning about how our beautiful planet was formed.

Photography Whiz

I take my camera everywhere go! You just don't know what wildlife you might come across or if today's sunset will be particularly spectacular. My specialty is landscape and nature photography and I'm refining my skills in Lightroom and Photoshop every day.

Fun Expert

My travel experience started with a love of snowboarding which has taken me to the USA, Canada, and Japan in search of the world's best powder. I love to be active and busy when I travel. Lazy days on the beach are ok but I would rather be snorkeling, hiking, dancing, sharing a drink or two, and meeting new friends.

Alice Kuersch's Lifestyle Specialities

Nature Nurturer

15 years ago, I chose to become vegan, initially for animal rights, but my reasons have evolved into a way of conscious living. I aspire to a zero-waste ethos meaning I will refuse single-use plastic, buy local produce, look for eco-friendly alternatives, and always try to find a way to reuse and recycle everything.

Minimalism Wizard

I place value on items that have a purpose in my life. Every time I travel, I tend to take less with me as I have realized taking more than the bare minimum is just a burden. To me, minimalism is about rejecting consumerism and placing value in connection and experience rather than possessions.

Social Advocate

Having always been against discrimination, I've stood up for human rights. Movements like Black Lives Matter have made me realize I am not making a difference by watching from the sidelines. I have begun to educate myself more and start using my voice now to advocate for positive changes in our community.

My favorite hike was to Laguna 69 in Peru
Laguna de la Cocha in Colombia

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