Ankur & Prerna

The Bucket List Couple

Traveling with a companion, who is both a friend and love of your life, creates some of the most mesmerizing experiences.

Hello from Seattle! We are Ankur & Prerna and are glad to have you on board our journey.

Bitten by a travel bug, we want to travel the world and are always planning our trip(s) months in advance. As a result, we spend a lot of time investigating - top things to do, local attractions and food, price alerts on flight tickets, finding the best Airbnb/hotel within our budget, and finally, chalking out an itinerary that makes the most out of the trip.

Yeah, sometimes it's really overwhelming, and hence our goal is to ensure others can benefit from our first-hand experiences and research.

So, jump on the bandwagon as we recreate every beautiful and silly memory of our lives.

Ankur & Prerna's Travel Specialities

Culture Buff

Culture defines a place. Without it, everywhere would tend to look and feel the same after a while. We like to get familiar with the local culture and history of the places we visit so that we can gain the local's perspective, and avoid unintentional faux pas.

Nature Lover

Coming from Seattle, we love the lush green trees, fall foliage, water bodies and mountains! Our favorites places are the one that are lost amidst Mother Nature - listening to the sound of the sea lapping at Pacific shores, watching autumn leaves blossom in Vermont, or admiring snow-capped mountains in Glacier National Park.

Road Tripper

We prefer driving our way around. It feels like an unrestricted escape, camping in our car - good food, music, and unfaltering views.

Favorite travel partner who’s got your back
Our first snow together!

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