Anna Timbrook

The Translator Exploring the World

I used to be stuck behind a desk translating for a living. Now I am using my language skills to explore the world.

I started traveling straight after university, and have never looked back. I suppose my love of languages always pushed me out the door, and now, as a travel blogger, the road is often my home.

Ticking off the most famous places was something I used to do, but these days I actually aim for the least explored. Some of my favorites of the last few years include a 10-day hike through Torres del Paine in Patagonia, sledding with huskies in the Yukon, and having bears sniffing around my tent deep in national parks in the USA.

Who knows where the next trip will take me, but it will likely be remote, filled with stunning nature and views that are jaw-dropping.

Anna Timbrook's Travel Specialities

Outdoor Trailblazer

There is nothing quite like exploring a new trail in the mountains, or getting lost in a forest, almost anywhere in the world. I am happiest when I am outdoors in the middle of nowhere, with no one around, lost in my thoughts.

Nature Lover

It wasn't until I was on a safari in South Africa that I realised how much I love nature and animals specifically. Sure, we got to see "the big five", but it was all the other animals, small and large, that were hidden in the bushes that really sparked my love for nature.

Photography Whiz

Learning to capture the beauty around me through photography has been something I have focused on for years. I am never as good as I want to be, but hopefully, I manage to show you how amazing a place is though my photos.

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