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I used to be on the road to Viridian City but now I'm heading for every country in the world.

Up until about 5 years ago I had no interest in travel. The only places I visited were Hyrule and Kanto. Kudos to you if you know where they are - gaming was what defined my early life. It was only when my girlfriend talked me into a city break to New York that a switch flipped in my head. After a brief but intense existential crisis about wasting 20 years of my life, I vowed to travel the world at every given opportunity.

Fast forward to the present and I've climbed an ancient rock fortress in Sri Lanka, taken an architectural boat tour in Chicago, and eaten fermented shark in Iceland. I regret not becoming addicted to travel earlier more than I regret accidentally calling my school teacher 'Mum' in front of the whole class when I was 8 years old. It's that serious.

Dan Steeden's Travel Specialities

Food Connoisseur

I cannot truly say I love a place until I've sampled the local cuisine and experienced that moment where I never want to eat any other type of food ever again… until the next new cuisine I try, of course.

Bucketlist Bandit

There's nothing quite like the moment you see something famous for the first time, something that you've seen thousands of photos of before but never appreciated just how amazing it would be in person. The ability to put a little tick next to it just makes the experience even more pleasing.

Culture Buff

Some people believe you can get church or temple 'burnout' but I never get bored of them. A country's culture is its heartbeat and learning about and respecting those of other nations is vital to enjoying travel to the fullest.

Sports Fan

Sport is something that transcends nations and allows people of all walks of life to bond over a universal love of the same game. I've watched sport on three different continents so far and I hope to add South American soccer to my repertoire of sporting travel stories.

Photography Whiz

As someone who recently discovered they have Aphantasia (the inability to conjure up mental images), photography has been a real life-saver. Ask me to picture the Colosseum and I can't, but luckily I have a photo of it to immortalize it in my memory.

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