Dr. Lynn Rossy

The Mindful Eater

Savor every bite and enjoy every moment of life.

Mindfulness is the foundation of all my teaching - from yoga to eating and everything in between. I completed a Doctor's degree in Clinical Health Psychology, but I search beyond the bounds of academics to delve deeply into the world of spirituality for true meaning and purpose. I am a non-traditional person who likes to take the road less traveled and hope that other people come along for the ride.

I believe that food, movement, and life should all be delicious. And "joy" is a common theme in the way I live, the way I see the world, and the message I teach in my classes to people around the world.

Helping people to love themselves and create lives they can love is my greatest joy.

Dr. Lynn Rossy's Travel Specialities

Food Connoisseur

Would you like to become a conscious connoisseur? That's what I call people who are conscious about what they eat and how it impacts the environment, their community, and beyond. These people also know how to be present in order to savor food from the simple to the gourmet.

Dr. Lynn Rossy's Lifestyle Specialities

Mindful Master

We only have moments to live and mindfulness helps you make the most of them. When you pay attention with kindness and curiosity, you make choices that support your greatest wellbeing.

Nutrition Ninja

Eat like you love yourself and let your body guide you to eat so you feel energized, powerful, and alive.

Wonder Chef

Buying and cooking local, seasonal, organic food is what's happening in my kitchen. Even the simplest food becomes a gourmet meal.

Fitness Fanatic

"Every movement counts" is a motto I live by. Listen to your body and move it in ways that feel delicious.

Dr. Lynn Rossy's Most Recent Articles

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