Paige Oldham

The Mindfully Intentional Creator

Anything is possible if you want it badly enough. After decades of living an intentional life, I know this to be true and want to share those possibilities with you.

I have spent over 30 years as a financial executive. After my first seven years in Corporate America, I wondered if that was what I was supposed to do with the rest of my life. The intuitive answer was a resounding 'no' at that time, but I didn't know what I did want to do.

So I dropped out, put all of my things in storage, packed up my Jeep with some essentials and followed the voice in my head that said, "Go west and do something with horses." My logical mind asked, "Where west and do what with horses?" And the voice wisely answered, "You go figure it out." And off I went.

I was a "city girl" who never spent much time outdoors (ew! dirt and bugs!). So, logically, the first step in the adventure was to live in a tent outside of Jackson Hole, Wyoming for a month and a half and learn how to be an outfitter (it's west and horses, right?).

It was an amazing and inspiring experience to learn how to live in the woods, hunt (for photos, not animals), fish, pack horses, and cook over a fire… I learned all-new levels of self-sufficiency and realized that I could truly do anything I decided to.

I experimented over the following two years by managing a dude ranch, training horses, and other things completely out of my comfort zone. During this time, I met my husband and decided to settle down. In this process, I realized that I truly enjoyed the finance work I was good at and made the choice to go back to it, but in a different way that suited the lifestyle I wanted.

Over a decade ago I started practicing yoga and meditating. This allowed me to slow down, calm the chattering in my head, and begin to hear the wise voice of my True Self. By tuning in, getting the messages and acting on them one baby step at a time, I am now living my dream life.

I continue to work as a financial executive as my day job and truly enjoy it. I have time freedom, and have learned to simplify my life as I move toward financial freedom. I follow my heart and thoroughly enjoy my life as a wife, mother, writer, mindfulness expert, and yogini in the mountains outside of Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Nurturing positivity through mindfulness, I'm living my dream life.

Learn more about mindfulness in my book, The Mindful Guide to the Law of Attraction: Meditations to Manifest Health, Wealth, and Love.

Paige Oldham's Lifestyle Specialities

Mindful Master

I'm always practicing mindfulness to avoid having my feathers ruffled and to see things from multiple perspectives. I have learned that acceptance and gratitude are truly the keys to happiness on an ongoing basis.

Eternal Learner

Over the past twenty years, I've been learning how to be happy and create the life I want. This journey led me down the path of mindfulness which has allowed me to transform who I am so I can create my dream life. I'm constantly looking for new perspectives from which I can learn and improve.

Sensitive Soul

I'm an introvert who has had to learn to be an extrovert in certain areas of life. This was very difficult at first but has allowed me to become more comfortable in groups and talking with strangers. I do, however, need time alone to recharge.

Health Hero

Staying healthy is critically important to being able to live my dream life. I love walks through the woods, yoga and meditation to maintain my physical, mental, and emotional health.

Nutrition Ninja

You are what you eat. Food is medicine. These are my words to live by as I feed myself and my family. We all have the power to heal ourselves by being more conscious of what we take in.

Wonder Chef

Growing up in New Orleans, I learned how important the process of cooking can be to bring a group of people together. I use what I've learned from decades of experimentation to cook fresh, homemade meals for my family every day. I love getting creative with whatever is in the house since the closest grocery is an hour away.

Meditating in my backyard

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