Fitness Level (Travel)

Understanding the required fitness level for attractions and tours can help you plan ahead and determine if it's the right choice for you.

We've taken a standardized approach on a scale of 1 to 5 so you can compare apples with apples across Forever Break:

1 - Very Easy

Light walking with no significant incline and no stairs. Generally suitable for mobility-challenged travelers, however, you should check whether the specific location is wheelchair-friendly, if relevant.

Example: shopping mall with smooth, hard flooring

1.5 - Easy

Some walking with moderate incline, a few stairs or uneven surfaces. May cause issues for mobility-challenged or frail travelers.

Example: museum with 10 stairs to the entrance and a low doorway.

2 - Light Effort

Sustained walking, some stairs, and uneven surfaces. May cause shortness of breath for unfit travelers, and easily achievable for travelers with a basic level of fitness.

Example: a 10-minute hike down wooden stairs to a waterfall viewpoint, or 1-hour folk dancing class.

2.5 - Some Effort

Casual outdoor activities that are widely considered to improve health and are relatively easy for travelers with a moderate level of fitness.

Example: 20-minute stair climb, bike riding on flat urban terrain for up to 45 minutes, or medium-paced walking for 2 hours in a similar environment.

3 - Moderate Effort

A decent level of fitness, flexibility and muscular strength is required and the activity is likely to cause some perspiration. Relatively unfit travelers may struggle and should use caution.

Example: indoor rock climbing for 30 minutes, or bike riding on undulating urban terrain for 3 hours.

3.5 - Significant Effort

A sustained exertion, often involving a steep incline or vigorous movement, that requires rehydration and short rest afterward. Likely to cause significant perspiration.

Example: 45-minute climb up steep steps to a mountain-top lookout point, 2 hours of kiteboarding, 2 hours of sandboarding, or 6 hours of hiking on established undulating trails.

4 - Exerting

A moderate degree of long-term effort resulting in heavy perspiration. Requires significant muscular strength and stamina.

Example: 3 hours of mountain biking, 6 hours of snowboarding, or 6 hours of hiking in steep terrain. 

4.5 - Very Exerting

A high degree of effort resulting in heavy perspiration. Requires high degree of muscular strength and stamina. Beyond the fitness requirement of most casual tourism activities. Not recommended for travelers without a regular fitness routine.

Example: 9 hours hiking in steep terrain, 8 hours of mountain biking on undulating terrain, or a multi-day road cycling tour.

5 - Extremely Exerting

Travelers must be very, very fit to undertake these activities, which often require significant preparation and training.

Example: multi-day mountain hiking in undulating terrain, all-day outdoor freestyle rock climbing, or a triathlon.

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