Josh Bender

The Philosophical Photographer

Wow, you have come a long way to find me. Well done!

I've criss-crossed 70+ countries over the last 7.5 years in a quest for world domination. That didn't work out. So I changed plans and opted for world peace instead.

Travel has been my unashamed gateway drug to fast-tracked self improvement and spiritual growth. By experiencing the world from diverse perspectives, I've been able to embrace the intangible glue that unifies all of us. And in doing so, cultivated a profound satisfaction, deeper sense of peace... and a cheeky sense of humor.

Sometimes that last one gets me in trouble.

I hope you find inspiration in my meandering articles and shoot-from-the-hip photography.

Josh Bender's Travel Specialities

Photography Whiz

It's easy to assume my camera is surgically attached to my hand. But it's not. Photography is my preferred art form for capturing and remembering every journey. In a heartbeat, I'll go out of the way, by hundreds of kilometers sometimes, to find the perfect scene awaiting to be immortalized on my camera sensor.

Culture Buff

History is fascinating. I can't get enough of it. Every destination has got a story to tell, and I revel in the discovery process. My favorite way of learning is from other people's mistakes. Making my own is totally overrated. 

Nature Lover

The best places on this planet are deep within nature's bossom: walking under towering Redwoods in northern California, scaling a glacier in Alaska, swinging over a jungle in Indonesia, or swimming with sharks in the Caribbean. We all depend on the surrounding environment, and I relish the deep connection with nature at all levels.

Food Connoisseur

The quickest way to get knee-deep in a new culture is to eat where the locals do. The smells, tastes, sounds and atmosphere. It's all entirely addictive. I can't get enough.

Road Tripper

This is my preferred method for getting out in nature. Throw a suitcase and camera gear in the back seat, crank up David Guetta, and load Google Maps, and we're ready to roll.

Relaxation Guru

Once in a while, I need a little downtime to recharge the batteries. I'm either drawn to a luxury resort with a large lagoon pool or a low-key beachside hut with minimal frills. Tropical weather is essential.

Hiking in the Lake District, UK
Feeling the vibes at Stonehenge

Josh Bender's Most Recent Articles

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