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Dollar Flight Club: Review

Find Super Cheap Flights on Autopilot

The promise is simple. Find cheap flight deals that save you 50-90% completely on autopilot.

The primary reason why most people don't travel more is a lack of money.

It's true. International air travel can be expensive. If you want to invest your time in learning dozens of complicated travel hacks, it's possible to save big dollars, however do you really have the time?

Now you can let someone else do the hard work for you.

The Dollar Flight Club team uses cutting edge technology along with old-fashioned elbow grease to uncover the biggest discounts on flights all over the world, served via email alerts and push notifications.

Simply choose your nearest airport (or multiple airports), and DFC will start working its magic, with the goal of saving you on average US$500 per international flight ticket.

A Closer Look

How it worksHow it works
Sample dealsSample deals
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Hands On Experience

Getting started with Dollar Flight Club is obscenely easy. Just enter an email address and password, or connect with your existing Google account. Next, select your departure airport. Finally, optionally choose to upgrade to Premium (on a free trial), or just stick with a Free account.

The signup process takes less than 60 seconds (under 30 if you can type fast).

Once signed up, you'll see the dashboard with a list of recent deals. If you're only on a Free account, Premium deals will be marked accordingly and you won't be able to see full details for those.

Now just sit back and relax, and new deals will be automatically sent to you via email in the coming days. The bigger your departure airport/s, the more deals you'll receive. For example, JFK in New York will have dozens of options, whereas Perth in Australia will have fewer.

Although it's not immediately obvious on the Dollar Flight Club home page, there are 3 levels of service:

Free ($0/yr)

  • Just 1 departure airport
  • Max 3 deals per week
  • Ads in emails
  • No domestic flights

Premium ($69/yr)

  • Up to 4 departure airports
  • Up to 4x more deals (than Free)
  • No ads in emails
  • Domestic flights included (US)
  • Get deals before Free members
  • Discounts and perks from partners

Premium Plus+ ($99/yr)

Same benefits as Premium, plus:

  • Up to 5 departure airports
  • Access to Business and First-Class deals
  • Extra discounts and perks from partners
  • 20% discount for Mobile Passport plus

After receiving Premium email alerts over a few months, the level of discounts has been impressive. Your mileage will vary depending on the size of your home airport/s, but as long as you book at least 1 international trip per year, there's a very good chance you'll earn your membership fee back at least 10-fold in flight savings.

Example of partner offers


Founded by intrepid traveler Jesse Neugarten in 2017, the Dollar Flight Club has grown its membership base to over 1,000,000 travel enthusiasts. The service covers over 1,500 airports in 100 countries. Find out more about the DFC team, including the cute bandana-wearing office pup, Emmerson.

What's In The Box?

Dollar Flight Club is entirely online - there's nothing to unpack. Instant gratification!

Cleanly formatted email alerts contain handy travel tips, interesting facts, and destination suggestions, in addition to the main event - discounted flight details. All the essential information is included: destination, discounted price, standard fare, airline/s, and travel dates. A link to Skyscanner or Google Flights is included to make the booking process easier.

Here are 3 example email alerts:

And an example of handy travel tips:

In addition to the discount flight alerts, DFC provides handy budget travel guides.

Is Dollar Flight Club Right For You?

If you want to travel more, but have a hard time stretching your budget, or don't want to spend endless hours searching for deals, then Dollar Flight Club is for you.

Even if you only take 1 international trip per year, you'll make your money back many times over. The more you travel, the better value your DFC membership will be.

If you prefer to fly in style, the Premium Plus+ membership is the only option that supports Business and First-Class tickets (only in North America).

Dollar Flight Club will be less ideal for travelers who are dedicated to 1 particular airline (for air miles), or prefer to seek out complex travel hacks and redeem points from credit cards. However, there's no reason why you can't mix and match points and flight discounts from DFC.

If you're looking for a full-service travel agency, this isn't it. You'll need to book your own flights (and accommodation) once the deals come through. However, this is far cheaper than a travel agent as you're cutting out the middleman.

Pro Tips For Dollar Flight Club

While the Free version will allow you to dip your toe in the pool of travel savings, if you really want maximum savings, then upgrade to the Premium version.

Free and Premium memberships are available for travelers based in North and South America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. Premium Plus+ is only available for travelers based in North America.

If there is more than 1 international airport within 3 hours' drive from your location, add all of those to your account (assuming you have a Premium membership). This will increase the chance of finding new deals.

The travel window for discounted flights can range from a few days in advance to a few months. It pays to be a flexible traveler, and be able to leave at short notice to maximize the available discounts.

Act fast if you want to secure the best deals - sometimes they are only available for a matter of hours, especially if it's a mistake fare or a route in high demand.

The Premium and Premium Plus+ memberships are available on a 14-day trial which is automatically charged at the annual plan at the end of the trial. Once you've been billed there are no refunds, as the trial period is for testing the service. The paid memberships automatically renew each year unless canceled.

If you're a digital nomad, change the departure airport from "Settings" in your DFC dashboard so all your deals are relevant to your ever-changing location.

If you need to take a break from the email alerts, under account "Settings" in the dashboard, you'll find "international notifications". Just click that and choose "deactivate". This can be reactivated anytime you need it.

Membership payments can only be made via credit card (PayPal is not available).


Best Parts:
  • Convenient email alerts on autopilot.
  • Super cheap flight prices.
  • Change departure airports anytime.
  • Free trial for Premium membership.
  • Reasonable annual fee for paid memberships.
  • Zero commission for all flight bookings.
Could Be Better:
  • Doesn't support departure locations in Asia or Africa.
  • Domestic flights only available for North America.
  • No search tools on past deals.

Where To Buy Dollar Flight Club

Dollar Flight Club

Retail Price: $69/yr

Check latest price & buy onlineDollar Flight Club

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