What Are Traveler Types?

Our tips are personalized to your interests and passions.

You’ll recognize color-coded traveler type profiles in our travel guides, itineraries, and attraction pages to help you quickly decide whether something is suited to your travel style.

We standardize these profiles across all Forever Break travel content so you can easily find relevant content and ideas when planning your next vacation.

Note: it's worth clarifying that "traveler types" are not exhaustive and most people don't fit squarely in only 1 profile - they could span 2, 3 or even 5, depending on the location, season, travel group, and mood.

So have some fun and find out what's your traveler type.

Food ConnoisseurCulture BuffRelaxation GuruNature LoverOutdoor TrailblazerRecreational AthleteSports FanWellness PursuerLuxury MavenRetail TherapistEntertainment SpecialistNightlife StarBucketlist BanditPhotography WhizRoad TripperMystery HunterThrill SeekerFun Expert

Food Connoisseur

Ideal vacation: eating their way through Penang's street food scene.

Avoids: Big Macs, chicken nuggets and airport food.

Goes out of their way for: a mouthwatering bowl of ramen.

Culture Buff

Ideal vacation: weaving between art galleries and museums in Paris or London.

Avoids: low-brow conversation topics like sports and Hollywood gossip.

Goes out of their way for: a historic castle in the middle of nowhere.

Relaxation Guru

Ideal vacation: sipping a pina colada while lounging in a shady hammock at a Caribbean 5-star beachside resort.

Avoids: intense hiking for long distances.

Goes out of their way for: a picture-perfect hotel with a flawless rating on TripAdvisor and giant lagoon-style pool.

Nature Lover

Ideal vacation: mild hiking combined with a little sport like bike riding, swimming or snorkeling.

Avoids: performing animals, and Gucci handbags.

Goes out of their way for: towering waterfalls and scenic vistas.

Outdoor Trailblazer

Ideal vacation: sleeping under the stars at Big Sur, or kayaking in Slovenia.

Avoids: 5-star beachside mega-resorts.

Goes out of their way for: an uber remote camping spot.

Recreational Athlete

Ideal vacation: cycling through the south of France or surfing the big waves of Hawaii.

Avoids: shopping malls... unless the department store sells their favorite sports gear.

Goes out of their way for: any game or activity that raises their heartbeat and makes them feel alive.

Sports Fan

Ideal vacation: watching the world poker championships in Las Vegas, cheering on a Muay Thai fight in Bangkok, or holding their breath at the grand final in Wimbledon.

Avoids: discussions about politics or religion.

Goes out of their way for: a high-stakes sports competition featuring their favorite athlete.

Wellness Pursuer

Ideal vacation: a 5-day detox retreat in Ubud, Bali.

Avoids: greasy hamburgers.

Goes out of their way for: a highly rated spa or well-respected yoga teacher.

Luxury Maven

Ideal vacation: meandering all day in luxury shopping malls in Singapore or even better - Fashion Week in Milan or Paris.

Avoids: exotic street food and K-mart.

Goes out of their way for: the latest hip boutique fashion store.

Retail Therapist

Ideal vacation: a little bit of relaxing, sightseeing and then a lot of shopping.

Avoids: ancient history (unless the museum has a decent gift store!)

Goes out of their way for: a unique souvenir.

Entertainment Specialist

Ideal vacation: big theatre cities like New York, London or Berlin.

Avoids: nose-bleed seats, and small country towns.

Goes out of their way for: a brand new musical show.

Nightlife Star

Ideal vacation: Las Vegas, New Orleans, Amsterdam, or Bangkok.

Avoids: anywhere without music.

Goes out of their way for: a cocktail containing dry ice, or a world-renowned DJ performing live.

Bucketlist Bandit

Ideal vacation: Eiffel Tower in Paris or Times Square in New York.

Avoids: quirkly, lesser-known attractions because what would be the point if their friends haven't heard about it?

Goes out of their way for: a landmark that is really, really famous that millions of people have already seen.

Photography Whiz

Ideal vacation: the Grand Canyon, Iceland, or Singapore.

Avoids: overly busy tourist traps (too many photo bombers!).

Goes out of their way for: a perfect shot of just about anything.

Road Tripper

Ideal vacation: Pacific Northwest in USA, Amalfi Coast in Italy, or Great Ocean Road in Australia.

Avoids: Brittany Spears songs.

Goes out of their way for: a scenic drive.

Mystery Hunter

Ideal vacation: Gates of Hell in Turkmenistan.

Avoids: Disneyland.

Goes out of their way for: a peculiar or spooky location.

Thrill Seeker

Ideal vacation: seeking out the scariest rides at Six Flags or jumping out of a plane (with a parachute) in New Zealand.

Avoids: anything too slow-paced like a 14-day trans-Atlantic cruise.

Goes out of their way for: an adrenaline rush.

Fun Expert

Ideal vacation: Disney World Resort in Florida, or a 7-night Caribbean cruise.

Avoids: standing still for more than 10 minutes... unless it's a queue for an awesome waterslide.

Goes out of their way for: a good time, wherever it is and whatever form it takes.

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