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Hey, I am the founder of Forever Break, and love sharing my passion for transformational travel. Sometimes, other writers share my views and contribute to articles

We mix our combined professional backgrounds in travel, tech and marketing with a dash of pizzazz and a heap of love to lead the amazing team behind this online publication and podcast. We bring an upbeat yet straight-to-the-point perspective to every article. No fluff. And no messing around.

Our personal travel inspiration draws from a love of culture and nature. We need both to thrive. And a cocktail in hand doesn't hurt either.

Hopefully our enthusiasm for life will rub off on you, and you'll stick around to see how deep this rabbit hole goes.

Josh Bender & Team's Travel Specialities

Culture Buff

Whether it's a historic castle, an archeological museum, or mind-bending modern architecture, we go weak in the knees. This is our first and foremost passion for travel, so you'll find it featured prominently in our articles.

Nature Lover

Getting deep into the great outdoors is a vital part of feeling balanced and grounded. We seek out nature in every trip - the more remote, and the more rugged, the better.

Food Connoisseur

Food is culture. And since embracing a plant-based diet, we find it a little trickier to hunt down authentic local dishes that harm no animals. But we love a hearty challenge!

Photography Whiz

Our passion for photography is prevalent on every trip - we'll go out of the way, very far out of the way, for a chance to capture that perfect shot.

Road Tripper

There's nothing quite like the open road, a jammin' playlist, and a bag full of snacks. These trips go hand-in-hand with our love for nature. We relish the autonomy of going wherever the wind blows and experiencing hidden gems that can only be found by going off the edge of the map.

Relaxation Guru

Sometimes we just need a break and to put our feet up... preferably in a hammock on a tropical beach with leaning palm trees. Oh, you brought a cocktail? Hello friend.

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