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Emerald Pool (Sa Morakot)

A natural rock pool flowing with blue-green water and surrounded by the peaceful Thung Teao Forest National Park. Emerald Pool is the most popular of several natural springs in the area for swimming and relaxing in its cool waters. The pool's emerald color changes to turquoise during the day under the influence of changing temperature, minerals, and limestone leaching from the hillside.

Emerald Pool is only accessible via 1-3km walking trails through the forest, under a canopy of softly singing birds. If you’re lucky, you may even spot some of the forest’s rare and protected birds like Gurney’s Pittas, Rufous-Collared Kingfishers or Black Hornbills.

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Adult: ฿200 (USD$5.54), Child: ฿100 ($2.77)

Time Spent


Fitness level: Some effort


8.30am-4.30pm, Monday-Friday
8am-5pm, Saturday-Sunday

Look Around

Entrance to trailEntrance to trail
Walking along the trailWalking along the trail
Spiky vegetation along the trailSpiky vegetation along the trail
Sun filtering through the canopy aboveSun filtering through the canopy above
Unused natural hot spring along the trailUnused natural hot spring along the trail
Another pond along the wayAnother pond along the way
Walking towards Emerald Pool
Bright yellow algae in nearby stream
Some visitors are happy with a quiet cornerSome visitors are happy with a quiet corner
Tree roots along the trailTree roots along the trail
Slippery rocks near the Emerald PoolSlippery rocks near the Emerald Pool
Getting closer to the Emerald Pool
Finally made it! The Emerald Pool natural spring

Who Will Like Emerald Pool

Relaxation Guru

Float in the therapeutic and mineral-rich, cool waters as you soak up the peaceful vibes of the rainforest surrounding you.

Nature Lover

Wander among soaring trees, trickling brooks, natural ponds and singing birdlife as you meander towards the Emerald Pool.

Bucketlist Bandit

Find a quiet spot in the popular vivid green pool to capture a selfie in one of Krabi’s most iconic natural landmarks.

Insider Tips For Emerald Pool

  • Visit before 10am on weekdays to avoid crowds.
  • Rocks near the pool entrance are often slippery so slip-resistant waterproof shoes are recommended.
  • Make use of the toilets near the entrance before walking to the pool as there are no other facilities.
  • Wear bathers under your clothing as there are no change rooms.
  • Purchase a poncho from street vendors near the entrance if rain threatens.
  • Another popular pool, the Blue Lagoon, is also located within the park grounds. This is often closed to protect wildlife so check ahead before visiting.
Closure sign on the way to Blue Lagoon


Where Is It

Khlong Thom Nuea, Khlong Thom District, Krabi 81120, Thailand

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How To Get There


฿20 (USD$0.55) • Large carpark available onsite.

Driving directions... Walking directions from car...


Motorbike parking costs 10 in the onsite carpark.

Walking directions from motorbike...


One-way taxi or rideshare is not recommended as return journeys from the remote location are hard to find. Hire a private driver who will wait by the car.

What To Bring

  • Modest swimsuit and towel.
  • Slip-resistant waterproof shoes for entering the pool.
  • Cash for entrance fee and snacks. 
  • Camera for selfies and wildlife photos.
  • Hat and sunscreen for sun protection.
  • Change of clothes for after your swim. 
  • Water bottle with drinking water.
  • Valuable belongings like large amounts of cash, passports or precious jewelry.
  • Large bags or belongings difficult to carry long distances.

Tech & Photography


Public wifi access: None


Photography allowed: Yes

Tripod allowed: Not encouraged

Selfie sticks allowed: Yes

Best time to shoot: Early Morning & Late Afternoon

Tips: Bring a GoPro or waterproof camera for underwater action shots.


Drones allowed: Yes (subject to national/regional rules)


Backpacks allowed: Yes

Secured bag lockers available: No

Food & Drink

Several street venders selling drinks and local snacks are located near the entrance.


Emerald Pool is one of several pools formed when, higher up the hill, cool underground springs flow to the surface and begin to trickle downhill. Naturally filtered by the forest, the water collects in land depressions forming shallow ponds before continuing downhill, trickling parallel to the walking trail through the rainforest that leads in the opposite direction of the pool.

The pool has long been regarded as a sacred site and a natural “temple” by locals and has more recently become a highlight for many travelers visiting Krabi. Facilities within the park, like walking trails, toilets, picnic tables, and the carpark, have been added since 2010. The site and the surrounding forest are still considered holy by most locals, so further development of the area is not encouraged.


  • Dress modestly and remember the site is considered sacred by locals.
  • Make room for other visitors to get in and out of the pool.
  • Be careful walking near the pool as it may be slippery with sharp rocks.
  • Eat food or drink anything other than water within the pool.
  • Go to the Blue Lagoon when closed for wildlife protection.
  • Deviate from the path or damage the natural habitat. 
  • Drink water from the pool.
  • Leave trash or belongings behind you.


Best Parts:
  • Natural beauty with the clear color-changing waters surrounded by thick rainforest. 
  • Endangered species can be spotted along the walking trails.
Could Be Better:
  • Few facilities like toilets and changerooms.
  • Crowded pool difficult to get in and out of.
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