Kel Galavan

The Mindful Spender

I try to do the small things well and watch the magic unfold.

In 2018 I stepped back from my 16-year professional career. I felt that my children's precious early years were passing me by and I just wasn't around to see them. As I cut our household income in half I took it upon myself to ensure that the income we did have worked as hard as it possibly could.

From this promise sprung the "No Spend Year". I pared back all the unnecessary spending and dropped our family's outgoings by €27,500. Our quality of life and health has never been so good and we are still happily on our journey to financial independence.

There are so many paths to living a happy mindful financially secure life, take the time to find the one that suits you.

Kel Galavan's Lifestyle Specialities

Savvy Spender

Trading time for money is one of the most common ways to earn. Time is a limited commodity. Make that time-spend worth it by making income work as hard for you as you do for it. Think long and hard on the merits of every purchase and ensure that the cost of the item reflects the value that it brings to your life.

Mindful Master

Slow down once in a while, we live in a beautiful world. Every part of it has something special to be treasured. Living life on auto-pilot is a fast-track to unfulfilled dreams and a mountain of regret.

Minimalism Wizard

I focus on less - but better - when it comes to material possessions. One item that will work consistently for years will far outshine 20 'bargain' impulse purchases. Love every item that you own, and think carefully before acquiring it.

Happiness Seeker

For most of us we live the way we are told. We climb the corporate ladder in the hopes of getting somewhere someday. I did that for years. I had a high-flying corporate career. I had the fancy company car and credit card to match. I also had the high cost of living that went with that.
It was only when I stopped to catch my breath did I realize that doing what we should be doing is not a guaranteed path to happiness.

Focus on living a life that is worthwhile for you and your loved ones. That makes every day happy.

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