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The Girl Glued to the Camera

Hello! Thanks for checking out my articles. I hope you learn something new!

When I'm not working at my full-time job as a medical technologist in a hospital lab, I focus on my travel blog. I've always wanted to explore far off places, but I've only been able pursue this dream in the last few years. One reason I started blogging was to share my most memorable experiences, the other was my desire to teach people how they can travel the world and capture their favorite moments.

I hope to inspire you to take up photography and to learn essential photography skills. Ever since I was a young with a disposable camera in hand, I've been taking and sharing photos. Fast forward a few years and I bought a DSLR and took my photography to the next level. Now you'll find me taking tons of snaps everywhere I go. Whether I'm photographing mountains in Canada or my dog sleeping on the couch, I'm always scoping out the perfect shot.

Mary Marino's Travel Specialities

Photography Whiz

You'll never find me on a trip without my camera. I'm constantly trying to improve my photography skills to share my experiences with the world.

Nature Lover

There are so many beautiful places in this world, and I want to see them all. From ocean views to mountain hikes, my goal is to experience the most gorgeous places for myself.

Bucketlist Bandit

New destinations make their way on to my bucket list faster than I can check them off. I never stop dreaming up new adventures and planning trips!

Food Connoisseur

If I'm going somewhere new, you'll find me at the locals' favorite restaurants. I didn't travel across the country to eat fast food, so I have an eye out for the best local cuisine.

Mary Marino's Lifestyle Specialities

Eternal Learner

It's never too late to learn something new. I'm always improving my skills or trying new techniques. Practice makes perfect!

Exploring the mountains

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