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Best 420 Friendly Airbnbs

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Are you planning a trip? One of the hardest parts for a stoner is finding a place where they can relax and legally consume their weed. Even when traveling to states where cannabis is legal it can be hard to find a 420 friendly Airbnb or hotels where you can light up.

Hotels usually don't allow smoking indoors and you are not legally allowed to smoke in public. Gladly, that rule doesn't apply to private lodgings and we can find nice 420 friendly accommodations on websites like Airbnb, where each host can decide whether smoking weed is allowed or not.

Some hosts may even offer a cannabis welcome kit with local herb, pipes, lighters, rolling papers, rolling tray sets for weed and much more. Unfortunately, Airbnb doesn't have a filter on their website to help us find these 420 friendly lodgings.

Don't panic though! We've found some amazing 420 friendly Airbnbs all over the United States. Sit tight and browse through our list made especially for the stoner community.

420 Friendly Airbnb Denver

First on the list is a cute two-bedroom apartment in Denver, a unique space where people can relax and feel at home.

It's always 420 there. Best of all: you don't need to worry about your supplies, like pipes and rolling papers, they have this and other smoking accessories available for use.

Marijuana smoking and vaping are allowed inside the house in the living room and kitchen, which is great especially if you happen to be snowed in.

You can also enjoy a joint out in the lovely backyard while making a barbecue in the summer months.

420 Friendly Airbnb Colorado

Planning a ski trip or spending some days in the mountains? Search no longer, this beautiful Breckenridge 4 bedroom townhouse with stellar mountain views is exactly what you need.

This 420 friendly townhouse is just 1.5 miles away from Main street and has an amazing view of the ski resort.

After a long day of hiking or skiing, there is nothing better to do than light one up and relax in the super spacious hot tub.

420 Friendly Airbnb Colorado Springs

Want to chill in a place with a nice patio just one mile away from downtown with tons of great mountain biking, restaurants and other attractions? This Airbnb might be just what you are looking for.

This cute independent apartment has a lovely outdoor space where you can sit back and relax after a long day of hiking, biking, eating or visiting one of the many breweries close to the apartment.

Smoking inside the apartment is not allowed, but I am sure that won't be a problem. The backyard has a grill, bar and outdoor sound system for you to enjoy a fat blunt.

420 Friendly Airbnb Chicago

Are you traveling with a large group? Then this three-bedroom apartment for up to 8 guests might be a good choice. Need more space? Don't worry! They have two apartments in the same building so there's room for everyone.

The whole apartment is 420 friendly, so you can smoke everywhere. Definitely a plus if you are looking to lay low at the end of the day.

After your first joint, you can visit the Obama Presidential Library, Reggies on the Beach, Soldier Field, Shedd Aquarium, Field Museum and the Museum of Science & Industry. They are all within 20 minutes from the apartment.

420 Friendly Airbnb Los Angeles

This 420 friendly Airbnb studio is a must-visit. It includes one free joint with every check-in. Need I say more?

But it gets even better. Marijuana smoking and vaping are allowed indoors and the studio is equipped with a projector for an outdoor movie night with some trippy shows on Netflix to watch high.

The cozy backyard will also be a nice place to roll one up, have a barbecue or even relax under the lemon tree and make fresh-squeezed lemonade to enhance your high. And there are a lot of other fun activities like ping pong, badminton, your own mini-golf course and much more.

420 Friendly Airbnb California

If you are planning to go somewhere peaceful and charming, this is the place.

This lovely Airbnb up in the hills above Santa Barbara has stunning views of both the mountains and water. It's the perfect spot for you to get in touch with nature. Best of all, it is a 420 friendly house and also has a small backyard with a grill. The perfect setting to roll a nice joint.

You are also within walking distance of many great attractions like hikes, the botanical gardens and the natural history museum.

420 Friendly Airbnb Washington

Get away from the noise in this spacious house with stunning views of the Puget Sound and Vashon Island.

This 3-level house has all the entertainment you need including board games, video games, a large patio with a grill for a nice barbecue during the warm days. It also has a garden where you can harvest lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, and much more. If you can believe it there's also a grape vineyard in the southern part of the backyard.

420 friendly Airbnb for all kind of stoners

A getaway with your loved one, friends, or family is now easier with this awesome selection of 420 friendly Airbnb.

All you need to do is choose a city center or countryside trip, prepare your luggage and make that trip you have been longing for.

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