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Underwater World Langkawi

One of the largest aquariums in Southeast Asia located on one of the region's smallest inhabited islands. Underwater World Langkawi excels in research and conservation activities to protect sea life, mammals, and even birds native to marine and freshwater ecosystems.

The aquarium is split into the 3 main sections: tropical rainforest and river ecosystem; temperate & sub-Antarctic; and marine. Enclosures in all sections replicate the animals' natural habitats as closely as possible and contain informative posters to educate the public.

Highlights include an open-air rainforest with flamingos, common marmosets, and macaws flying among the trees. Large connected tanks display giant freshwater fish like arowanas and giant gourami while smaller tanks display reptiles like snakes, frogs, and geckos.

Further along are 3 playful fur seals who dive and spin in the water, almost like they're dancing. Don't worry if their enclosure looks small - they retreat to a larger area out the back 3 times a day.

The stars of the show are 60+ African penguins who have rapidly multiplied due to the aquarium's successful breeding program. The penguins can first be seen in a walk-through tunnel where they swim above or alongside you, before reaching a glass enclosure where more penguins are cuddling on the ice. A separate display is home to 25 rockhopper penguins.

Towards the exit is the marine section with colorful species of coral and fish like clownfish, damsels, and wrasse. A hexagonal tank decked out like a shipwreck and 15-meter (49.2 feet) long tunnel tank will have you walking among giant stingrays, sharks, turtles, and a 600kg groper.

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International: Adult: RM46 (USD$9.75), Child (3-12): RM36 ($7.63), MyKad holder: Adult: RM36 ($7.63), Child (3-12): RM26 ($5.51)

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Time Spent


Fitness level: Easy


10am-6pm7 days

Look Around

Front entranceFront entrance
Ticket deskTicket desk
Preview tank near ticket deskPreview tank near ticket desk
Entrance, ticket desk & preview tank
Giant gouramiGiant gourami
Freshwater fish signageFreshwater fish signage
Chinese water dragonChinese water dragon
Albino patinAlbino patin
Rainforest & river ecosystem
Rockhopper penguinRockhopper penguin
African penguinAfrican penguin
Fur sealFur seal
Shell exhibitShell exhibit
Moray eelMoray eel
Temperate & sub-Antarctic sections, shell museum, & poisonous moray eel
Clown fishClown fish
Angel fishAngel fish
Sea snakesSea snakes
Illuminated jellyfishIlluminated jellyfish
Coral reef & jellyfish
Japanese spider crabJapanese spider crab
Marine section
Blacktip reef sharkBlacktip reef shark
Shark speciesShark species
Giant groperGiant groper
Hexagonal & tunnel tanks
Chinese water dragon to holdChinese water dragon to hold
Koi pondKoi pond
Reptile holding & koi pond near exit

Who Will Like Underwater World Langkawi

Fun Expert

Soak up this informative aquarium with your family and see hundreds of different marine and freshwater species from around the world. Get comfy and watch a feeding show at the seal enclosure, penguin enclosure, or tunnel tank.

Nature Lover

Watch fur seals and penguins happily play in their enclosures and birds like macaws and cockatoos fly freely around the walkthrough rainforest. Learn interesting facts about different aquatic ecosystems around the world.

Bucketlist Bandit

Meander through the open-air rainforest and have your photo taken with a pair of macaws. Watch seals perform and hold up something colorful to interact with cute African penguins.

Insider Tips For Underwater World Langkawi

  • Scheduled photo opportunities are available with 2 macaws in the rainforest exhibit (providing they fly down from the treetops) between 3pm-3:15pm.
  • African penguins like bright colors. If you have a brightly-colored phone case, sunglasses, or another accessory, hold it against the glass and they will follow it.
  • Don't miss the scheduled feeding times:
    • Seals: 2:30pm Saturday-Thursday and 4pm Friday.
    • African penguins: 11am & 2:45pm daily.
    • Rockhopper penguins: 11:15am & 3pm daily.
    • Tunnel tank: 3pm daily.
  • A snake and Chinese Waterdragon located near the exit can be held for RM10 (USD$2.12).
  • Exit is through the duty-free shopping complex, ZON where you can pick up bargain chocolates, alcohol, tobacco, luggage, and more.
Photo opportunity with MacawsPhoto opportunity with Macaws
Gift shop & duty-free shoppingGift shop & duty-free shopping
Photo spot & gift shop


Where Is It

Jalan Pantai Chenang, 07000 Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia

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How To Get There


Free • Large parking lot at main entrance.

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Free parking for motorbikes and scooters in main parking lot.

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Drivers drop off at main entrance.

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What To Bring

  • Camera.
  • Water bottle.
  • Colorful phone case or other accessory to interact with African penguins.
  • Flashlight.

Tech & Photography


Public wifi access: None


Photography allowed: Yesflash is not allowed

Tripod allowed: Not encouraged

Selfie sticks allowed: Yes

Best time to shoot: Late Morning

Tips: Keep your flash off at all times. A fast zoom lens with a wide aperture is needed in low-light situations. In darker sections, manual mode will serve you better. Set the aperture as wide as possible (eg. f/2.8) and fix the shutter speed between 1/200 and 1/500 depending on the speed of movement. A high-speed shutter release works best with fast-moving animals like seals and swimming penguins.


Drones allowed: No


Backpacks allowed: Yes

Secured bag lockers available: No

Food & Drink

  • Cafe - Kiosk selling soft drinks and light snacks like fries.

Underwater World is located along the main restaurant strip of Jalan Pantai Cenang, with several restaurants and food stands within short walking distance.


Underwater World Langkawi first opened in August 1995 and is now one of the largest marine and freshwater aquariums in Southeast Asia. The aquarium aims to raise awareness about the importance of conserving aquatic life forms and fostering understanding and bonds between humans and nature. It operates under 3 main themes: research and development, education, and entertainment.

The aquarium started with only 10 of its popular African penguins, which multiplied to over 60. An additional 30 have been transferred to zoos in China and Vietnam through a breeding exchange program.


  • Be quiet and avoid making excessive noise inside the aquarium for the comfort of the animals.
  • Make room for other visitors to see each enclosure.
  • Stand a safe distance from the enclosures unless instructed otherwise by staff.
  • Tap or bang on the glass windows or disturb the animals in any other way.
  • Smoke on the premises.
  • Bring food or drink from outside the premises (except water).
  • Shine your phone's flash or a flashlight into the enclosures.
  • Feed the animals.
  • Climb on rocks.


Best Parts:
  • African penguin and fur seal exhibits where the animals' happiness is obvious.
  • Rainforest exhibit with animals like marmosets and flamingoes in semi-open enclosures and parrots flying freely.
  • Variety of marine and freshwater species.
  • Informative and educational posters throughout the complex.
Could Be Better:
  • Personalized guide service could be offered to help visitors better understand the aquarium and exhibits.
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