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Hi! Thanks for reading my articles. I hope you enjoy the info they provide.

My background is in the corporate world, specifically tendering and business development. I completed a Master's degree in Business Administration (MBA) at the same time as juggling crazy work deadlines – proving I like to push myself to the max.

This fast-paced career gifted me with a very sharp attention to detail. I'm also a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), meaning I see the world a little differently to most people, noticing nitty-gritty details others may pass by.

All or nothing is my style, and I get behind things I believe in 100%. I'm honest to a fault, and while I try to find the positive in every situation, I'm not afraid to call people out on their BS. You can trust me to tell it like it is.

I see writing as a window through which to share my perspectives and inspire, advise, and bring cheer to others.

Jacinta Fabricius's Travel Specialities

Nature Lover

As an HSP, being close to nature is not something I simply enjoy; it's something I need. I find peace looking over the rolling hills of the Scottish Highlands, lounging by Thailand's turquoise beaches, trekking through the bush in Australia, or watching flamingos migrate through Valencia, Spain. I believe nature has a lot to teach when we quiet ourselves and listen.

Culture Buff

For me, the best thing about travel is exploring new cultures and the history they hold. I enjoy meeting locals in the destinations we visit and listening to their unique perspectives. Learning from historical artifacts and works of art housed within museums and galleries is equally essential. My desire is to uncover new levels of meaning and apply them to my worldview.

Wellness Pursuer

After battling a couple of health challenges, health and wellness became very dear to my heart. I prefer natural remedies wherever possible, and incorporate yoga, meditation, and light exercise into my daily routine no matter where in the world we are. I enjoy observing and learning from other cultures' approaches to nutrition, health, wellness.

Retail Therapist

In a past life (aka the peak of my corporate career), almost every minute of my spare time was spent in shopping malls or handicraft markets. When I first left Australia, I would have sworn the sole purpose of travel was to buy presents for friends and family back home. My credit card is now saved by my 20kg luggage limit, but I still have mad bargain-hunting skills.

Road Tripper

There's unique freedom in jumping in a car and watching a hectic cityscape fade into the distance behind you. In Australia, my weekends were often spent on family members' remote farms or hunting down obscure beaches to explore with friends. I still love road trips, just on an international level. So far, I've ridden shotgun through the Scottish Highlands, England's scenic Lakes District, and along Croatia's rugged coastline.

Cuddling homeless puppies in Croatia

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