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What Is It? How to Switch off Autopilot + Tools to Practice Self-Love

S1 E1 38 minutes

Welcome to the first ever episode of the Forever Break podcast. In this episode your hosts, Lianne & Corey, take a deep dive into the topic of mindfulness, mulling over what it means to be present in the moment, accept change, manage stress, and switch off autopilot.

Find out how Lianne & Corey are (and aren't!) mindful in their own lives and learn alongside them as they explore the benefits of adopting mindfulness principles covered in season 1, from meditation and breathing techniques to develop a healthy relationship with food.

Mindfulness through the eyes of this dynamic duo is a fun place to start, but what do the experts have to say? Enter relationship coach, emotional intelligence practitioner, and award-winning diversity advocate, Chris Armstrong. In an in-depth interview, Chris stresses the importance of letting go of the judgments of others to develop self-acceptance and questions if you really need to forgive in order to find peace.

Who better to start your journey towards mindfulness with than the witty Lianne & Corey?

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Get To The Point

1:05 What to Expect Short summary of what's to come in season 1

2:25 Quick Quote By the late, great Alan Watts

2:40 Focus On… Mindfulness definition. What is it all about?

4:55 Dig Deeper What does "autopilot" mean to Lianne & Corey and how can switching it off benefit you?

6:42 Embracing Change What's your typical responses to change?

9:30 Spotlight On… Background on interview guest, Chris Armstrong

10:03 Interview Chris Armstrong on mindfulness, self-acceptance, forgiveness & more

32:32 Interview Digestion Key takeaways from interview

35:18 We Get Personal Examples of positive learnings from negative experiences

32:43 Take it Further Recommended books & courses

Note: the audio clip at the beginning of the episode is a recording by Alan Watts. We send a heartfelt thank you to the Alan Watts Organization for permission to include this excerpt.

Show Notes

Mindfulness: a mental state, achieved by focusing one's awareness on the present moment while calmly acknowledging and accepting one's feelings.

Basically, stop and smell the roses!

The concept was made popular by Buddhist monk and Nobel Peace Prize nominee, Thich Nhat Hanh in his classic book, The Miracle of Mindfulness. Read the book for an explanation of how to acquire skills of mindfulness to slow down your life and discover how to live in the moment. With mindfulness, everyday activities, like going for a walk or drinking a glass of water, can be transformed into an act of meditation.

Don't expect mindfulness to be easy to adopt, it may take some time to notice the peacefulness it can bring. Sometimes the busy voice in our head that's been programmed by a task-oriented Western society takes a while to calm down.

Emotional Intelligence: Find out your E.I. in terms of self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management with a free test at the Global Leadership Foundation.

Key Interview Takeaways

  • Mindfulness requires both presence and intentionality.
  • SWIM backwards: Say what you mean and mean what you say.
  • We must let go of the judgments of others in order to discover and accept ourselves.
  • Stop trying to be a people pleaser. Learn that you have power already, you don't need to wait for someone to give it to you.
  • Listen to understand, not to respond.
  • In Chris' 7 Weeks to Self-Love online course, you'll learn how to let go of the judgments of others and appreciate the difference between what people say about you and what you say about yourself.

Connect With Chris Armstrong

Certified Relationship CoachCertified Diversity Executive

Maze of Love

Chris combines his passion for relationships and diversity to deliver meaningful, modern coaching that focuses on developing and harnessing equal and authentic relationships. He helps clients understand their authentic selves, so they may find an authentic relationship with someone else. He has spoken at hundreds of events on empowerment, building meaningful relationships, and being your authentic self.

7 Weeks to Self-Love 13 lessons
Thought-provoking, action-oriented guidance and techniques for fully exploring and ultimately learning how to love yourself. Also covering how to love your needs, how to teach people to treat you, and how to bal-ance the head with the heart. Then and only then, will you be able to have that equal and authentic relationship that you truly deserve. Choose how much to pay: $15, $30, or $50.
Maze of Love
Individual coaching to help move past relationship fears, find confidence, and rebuild trust. Couples coaching to understand and move beyond relationship challenges and resolve trust and communication issues. Group coaching in the form of workshops, seminars on common relationship themes, and focused sessions on empowering women in relationships.


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