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How to Adopt a Holistic Approach to Health With Naturopathic Doctor, Karen DeVore

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An unfortunate fact is we're all going to get a little sick from time to time. Even more unfortunate is the common habit of reaching for readily-available prescriptions to mask symptoms and return to the daily rush. In this episode, Lianne & Corey compare mainstream vs natural medicine and question the motives of pharmaceutical companies in their usual, hold-nothing-back style.

They share personal stories of times natural remedies have worked best for them, and note common obstacles that may be holding you back from considering natural remedies for yourself.

In a thought-provoking interview, naturopathic doctor, Dr. Karen DeVore (AKA Dr. K) explains the difference between medical and naturopathic doctors, and how the 2 fields can be complementary. According to Dr. K, natural medicine considers a patient's holistic, long-term health with an emphasis on prevention as well as treatment. Importantly, she advises that no two bodies are the same and the best treatment for one patient may not be the best choice for another. Dr. K comments on the use of supplements, lifestyle habits like intermittent fasting, and teaching children to make healthy eating choices.

Find out how to get familiar with listening to your body's instincts about what it needs to heal, so you can make informed decisions and choose the right remedy for your health circumstances.

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Get To The Point

0:34 What to Expect Summary of episode 10

1:14 Quick Quote By Paracelsus

1:32 Focus On… Pharmaceuticals. Do you really need so many pills?

7:19 Expert Interview Introduction Background on interview guest, Dr. Karen DeVore

7:52 Expert Interview Dr. K on a holistic approach to health

49:55 Let’s unpack that Key takeaways from interview

51:35 Take It Further Recommended books & online resources

Show Notes

Be mindful of the motives of Big Pharma before popping that pill. Ask questions like "who benefits by you being dependent on a medication long term?", "how many additional medications are needed to treat side effects of this medication?" and "what is the first priority of big pharma companies as instituted by law?".

Our bodies' natural state is to be healthy. They are designed to heal themselves and while sometimes they may need a little help, it's rarely as much as you might think.

Modern diets rich in sugars, fats, and highly processed ingredients can have strong negative effects on the body. Many chronic illnesses are either caused or aggravated by the food you eat.

Modern medication has only been around since the Industrial Revolution in the 18th century. Up to 99% of the base ingredients in today's pharmaceuticals are petroleum derivatives. The original method of treating ailments for thousands of years was medicinal plants and herbs that grow natively in many countries. This is now often called 'Eastern medicine' because it was widely suppressed in the West.

We're taught to trust doctors over our own instincts from a young age, but there are many benefits to being mindful of your health. Instead of taking the quick-fix medication, find out more about the pills you've been prescribed, and consider if a natural remedy is available and suitable.

Common obstacles to clean eating and natural medicine include the expense of ingredients and quality supplements, and the time and effort it takes to learn a new approach to health.

Useful information and videos on sensible, often natural, health solutions are available on Dr. Michael Gregor's nutritionfacts.org

For an informative documentary on vitamins and supplements as an alternative to prescription drugs, watch That Vitamin Movie on Amazon Prime, Vimeo, or DVD.

Key Interview Takeaways

  • Naturopathic medicine focuses on a holistic health approach, concentrating on the whole patient with an emphasis on prevention as well as treatment. Naturopathic doctors consider a patient's whole profile including socioeconomic and demographic factors, trauma, and past medical history to get to the root of the problem.
  • Naturopathic doctors are given more time to consult patients than GPs. A visit with an N.D. is typically 60-90 minutes instead of the standard 15-minute model.
  • Natural and Medical doctors can be complimentary. Each has specialized training in their particular field.
  • No two brains and bodies are exactly alike, so no two roads to optimizing health and wellness should be identical. There's no blanket solution to any ailment or a one-size-fits-all supplement regime. Some things that do help everyone's health are eating more fruits and vegetables of diverse color and profile, staying hydrated, getting enough sleep, and incorporating movement into your day.
  • Sugar is part of our world, just like an Xbox or iPhone. We should teach children how to consume sugar responsibly, with boundaries, and to make smart eating choices for themselves.
  • Intermittent fasting is very much a part of our collective human history, it's ingrained in the way our bodies know to work. It can be an incredible tool to understand and experiment with, but it's not for every single person.
  • Visit Okuma Nutritionals for articles written by Dr. K, and for supplements like Oolong Tea.

Connect With Dr. Karen DeVore

Medical Consultant

Okuma Nutritionals

Dr. Karen DeVore, N.D. is a naturopathic doctor and the founder of Foundations Natural Health. She was born and raised in the Southwest and is honored to be a part of the global movement toward integrative medical care. Dr. DeVore received her doctorate from Bastyr University, the world's leading university in the natural health sciences, and she is currently completing a regenerative medicine fellowship with the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

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