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Exercise & Yoga

Choose the Right Workout for Your Body and Mind + 2 Expert Interviews

S1 E11 50 minutes

We all know the importance of staying fit, even if only in pursuit of that dream, swimsuit-ready body. But it's all too easy to buy into those one-size-fits-all exercise programs pushed on social media and TV.

In this episode, Lianne & Corey discuss being mindful while you exercise to reap benefits not only for your body but also for your mind, and note the importance of listening to your body's limits and setting realistic goals. They have not 1, but 2, expert interviews lined up this episode.

First is Joseph Sham, a yoga instructor and the owner of Veda Wellness Ayurveda Center retreat in Kerala, India, who comments on different styles of yoga and the holistic lifestyle improvements yoga can bring, far beyond trendy activewear. Next up is Ashleigh Stewart, a health coach, and yoga and Pilates instructor from Western Australia, who notes the importance of understanding how each exercise is working your muscles, and complementing fitness with the right nutrition.

The key message to take home is to accept what you have to offer in each exercise session, and never strive to keep up with the Joneses.

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Get To The Point

0:37 What to Expect Summary of episode 11

1:56 Quick Quote By Albert Einstein

2:16 Under the Magnifying Glass Why should you be mindful while exercising?

6:09 Interview Joseph Sham on yoga history, styles, and health benefits

24:41 How to find Joseph Info on Veda Wellness center in Kerala, India

25:11 Interview Ashleigh Stewart on the importance of workout techniques, Pilates, and how to tie in nutrition

46:51 Unpack Key takeaways from the interviews

Show Notes

Mindful Exercise: Connecting your mind and your body, being present in the moment, and not letting your thoughts run away to the events of the day whilst exercising.

Exercise, especially when practiced mindfully, helps with depression and anxiety and has been proven to increase oxygen flow and endorphins.

Key Interview Takeaways: Joseph Sham

  • While originating in India, yoga has been largely kept alive by its popularity in the West as practitioners have embraced the physical and spiritual aspects.
  • Yoga was designed for India's climate and was originally practiced outdoors, among mountains and forests, not in a closed room.
  • Yoga is not only a physical practice. It requires surrender to a particular flow and positivity through mantras.
  • Health benefits include removing blockages through specific breathing techniques and increasing joint movement and blood flow through certain movements.
  • You can practice yoga with Joseph at the Veda Wellness Center in Kerala, India.

Key Interview Takeaways: Ashley Stewart

  • Knowledge is empowering and provides an understanding of why you're doing the exercises you're doing. It is proven that you get a better result from being mindful of the specific muscles you are working on.
  • Motivations are important. People may take up and exercise routine after an injury or illness, to improve their appearance, or to balance the effects of aging.
  • The biggest factor in the success of exercise is enjoyment. You won't stick at it if you don't enjoy it so do the things you know you'll enjoy.
  • If you're new to exercise, start small and take it step-by-step. Go for walks until you feel ready to take it up a notch. Be realistic. If you push yourself too hard and too fast, you will burn out and never come back to it.
  • Nutrition is a big part of exercise, but it's all about having a mindset geared towards growth in a positive direction and not a "punishment" mentality where you beat yourself up for eating unhealthy foods.

Connect With Joseph Sham

Yoga Teacher

Veda Wellness Ayurveda Center

Joseph is a qualified yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance USA, operating a yoga center in Fort Kochi, India. He is also qualified in aerial yoga, aqua yoga, and primordial sound healing meditation, including Tibetan sound bowls.
Guests can enjoy organic vegan and vegetarian food at Joseph's wellness café, or extend their stay in Veda Vihar, a boutique homestay.

Connect With Ashleigh Stewart

Certified Pilates and Yoga Instructor

KX Pilates

Ashleigh, heralding from Perth, Western Australia, has worked as a fitness instructor and personal trainer for many years. She has a contagious passion for all things related to health, and enjoys constantly learning about nutrition.

Travel & lifestyle blog

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