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Unleash Your Creative Perspective + Meet Singaporean Artist, Francis Theo

S1 E12 34 minutes

Hopefully by now, you've learned a thing or two about who you really are by practicing mindfulness. Now it's time to share your beautiful self with others.

In this episode, Lianne & Corey explore common methods of expressing the unique way you see and feel the world, through dance, music, writing, art, and fashion. They debate the pros and cons of using social media to express yourself. Platforms like Instagram provide an outlet for those looking to share their photography skills, while others use social media to hide behind false personas and don't present their true selves.

Believing it's never too late to learn a new skill, our hosts interview Singaporean artist, Francis Theo, to learn about his passion to sketch objects and events in his home city and when he travels. Francis explains how sketching helps him relax and tune out the external environment, then shares starting points and equipment advice for beginners wanting to take up sketching.

This episode provides several prompts to think about how you do, or how you would prefer to, express your unique perspective.

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Get To The Point

0:32 What to Expect Summary of episode 12

1:11 Quick Quote By Jay Shetty

1:38 Focus On… Self-Expression. How and why do we share our unique views?

9:48 Interview Introduction Background on Francis Theo

10:01 Interesting Interview Francis Theo on why he enjoys sketching and tips for beginners

30:59 Interview Digestion Key takeaways from interview

32:08 Take it Further Recommended resources

Show Notes

Every one of us has unique ways in how we express the way we see and feel the world. Some struggle to find an outlet or are only comfortable sharing their true selves with close family and friends while others, like musicians, find it much easier.

Artistic self-expression: Taking an internal impulse or personal vision and, through self-awareness, putting it into external form.

If you want to develop artistic self-expression skills, like drawing, writing, painting, acting, playing an instrument, or photography, the key is to practice. Don't be afraid of failure and don't force yourself to stick at something you don't enjoy.

Artistic self-expression forms, like painting, are often used by psychologists as a therapy to help patients process their feelings and traumatic events.

Social media has become a popular form of self-expression, with both positive and negative effects. Platforms like Instagram provide a canvas for photographers to share their art-form and Facebook and Twitter allow people to celebrate their achievements and life events with their friends and wider network. They allow you to 'like' and 'share' things that resonate with your identity and to connect with people who think like you.

Social media can also be used by trolls to spread hate. It can provide a sense of anonymity which vindictive people can hide behind to tear others down. Individuals can hide behind false personas and express who they think people want them to be rather than who they are. There are also security and privacy concerns around sharing information on social media.

Host, Lianne, uses Instagram to share how she sees the beautiful places she has traveled to.

Learn more about self-expression at positivepsychology.com

Key Interview Takeaways

  • Sketching outdoors provides new ways to view and experience your home city.
  • Activities you are passionate about, like sketching, can provide a 'bubble' where the noisy external environment fades away and you can relax, focusing on your art or hobby.
  • Sketching equipment like a fountain pen and sketch pad are easy to carry wherever you go.
  • Inspiration can be drawn from anywhere - architecture, monuments, landscapes, passers-by, whatever catches your eye in the moment.
  • By standing when you sketch, you force yourself to work faster.
  • Everybody is born to express themselves and everyone can learn to put the way they see something into a drawing.
  • Beginners should start small with a pencil or pen and A5 sketchbook and draw something small, like a coffee cup, then build upon the scene as you gain confidence.
  • Don't worry about making mistakes. A crooked line can become texture later. You'll get better over time.
  • Don't let people tell you your drawing is "wrong. Draw blue leaves, yellow leaves, draw whatever you see.
  • See Francis's sketches on Instagram or on his blog.

Connect With Francis Theo

Urban SketcherDecoratorInstructorMural Designer

Francis is one of the pioneer members of Urban Sketchers Singapore group (USKSG). His passion for drawing is fuelled by his love for architecture and travel. Fellow USKSG artists have given the nickname "Sketch Machine" thanks to his skillful fast sketching methods. He can often be found walking around Singapore looking for potential subjects and his constant companions are a sketchbook, a few fountain pens, and water brushes.

Sketching Workshops
Francis runs individual and small group workshops teaching the art of urban sketching both in Singapore and abroad. Anyone with any skill level can learn, and Francis presents his guidance in a gentle, inclusive and light-hearted manner. Send an email to enquire about availability and rates.
Emerald Hill, 30 May 2019Emerald Hill, 30 May 2019
Francis' toolsFrancis' tools
The Eastern & Oriental Hotel, Penang, 4 Nov 2019The Eastern & Oriental Hotel, Penang, 4 Nov 2019
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