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Sound & The Mind

Can Soundwaves Really Affect the Subconscious? + Unlock This Power to Strengthen Your Mind

S1 E7 46 minutes

Hearing the sounds of birds chirping in the early morning or waves lapping at the shore on a warm, summer day are well-known ways to relax and restore a sense of calm. So, it should come as no surprise that soundwaves can strongly impact our brains and the unconscious mind.

In this episode, Lianne & Corey explore the benefits of listening to alpha wave music to tap into the natural state of rest and improve mental coordination, alertness, creativity, focus, and learning. There's a tip for any university students cramming for exams!

Curious about how soundwaves work, our hosts connect with Terri Bowman, founder of the Brain Wellness Spa where sufferers of depression, anxiety, and other common struggles are treated not by medication or talk therapy, but by listening to voice at specific harmonic frequencies and vibrations to tap into the unconscious. Terri shares her inspiring personal journey and explains how her organization can help people across the globe overcome a range of issues from insomnia, to mental health challenges, to attracting wealth.

Terri's inspiring story proves you don't know what life has in store around the corner, but there's never a reason to accept the role of the victim.

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Get To The Point

0:29 What to Expect Summary of episode 7

1:21 Quick Quote By Alan Watts

1:40 Focus On… Alpha waves. Can they improve your productivity?

1:50 Example A quick taste of Alpha wave music

4:44 Expert Interview Terri Bowman's inspirational story + learn about alternative treatments to depression, insomnia, and more at the Brain Wellness Spa

38:53 Interview Digestion Key takeaways from interview

44:03 Spunky Songs With Corey Corey puts his quarantine experience to song. Is it as soothing as alpha waves?

45:07 Take It Further Recommended resources

Show Notes

Alpha waves, at 8-12Hz, are one of the 5 brainwaves naturally created at different stages of consciousness. Alpha waves are dominant during quietly flowing thoughts and in some meditative states. Deep Alpha is the brain's natural resting state so alpha wave music can tap into this resting state to aid overall mental coordination, calmness, alertness, mind-body-integration, and learning.

Alpha wave music can be played for free on YouTube or downloaded from your favorite online music store, like Spotify, Google Play, or Apple Music.

Key interview takeaways

  • The Brain Wellness Spa provides an alternative method for treating mental health challenges that does not involve medication or talk therapy.
  • The brain retraining technique used bypasses the conscious and subconscious to connect with the unconscious brain using voice and sound wave frequency. The unconscious stores up to 7 generations of genetic memory. Using certain harmonic frequencies, the Brain Wellness Spa can recode and change unwanted behaviors at the unconscious level.
  • The technique is successful on 98% of patients while the remainder is treatment-resistant, usually due to a strong resistance to change.
  • While we can change negative perceptions and beliefs by ourselves, changing them at the genetic level stops them from being triggered back to their default patterns of behaviors.
  • Self-improvement programs, not related to mental health, are also available at the Brain Wellness Spa. The Unstoppable You program, for example, helps overcome fears and doubts to realize your full potential.
  • The Brain Wellness Spa is located in Perth, Western Australia, but also offers virtual visits all over the world. Recordings targeting specific issues like anxiety and insomnia can be purchased in the online shop.

Connect With Terri Bowman


Brain Wellness Spa

Before developing her unique program, Terri worked with patients facing mental health challenges in her practice using an alternative modality called PSYCH-K®. Even though she was providing assistance to hundreds of people, she had never suffered from mental illness of any type. That all changed when she turned 45 and experienced a rare side-effect of IVF medication which instigated a psychotic episode that spiraled into a deep depression. From her darkest days she was determined to break free of her condition without becoming dependant on medication. Over a number of years this led to the development of a proprietary technique using audio signals to tap into the subconscious. Now she helps clients all over the world with her unique approach.

Emotional Empowerment Program 12 sessions
Using her proprietary approach, Terri and her team may be able to help you with your unique situation by overcoming the associated triggers and symptoms that can take control of your life. Clients that have previously been on medication, or seen counselors and therapists for years without success, could experience significant improvement in their symptoms after their very first session and may see long-lasting results after. Introductory "Experience Session" available at a discounted rate.
Unstoppable You
This program helps to unlock your hidden potential, overcome internal and external challenges, achieve your most important life goals to live a life of abundance and happiness. By delving into layers upon layers of genetic memory, the Unstoppable You program allows your brain to operate at its full capacity each and every day. It sets you on course for a fulfilling, positive and successful life.
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