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Langkawi Kampung Lifestyle Excursion

Step back in time and spend a day as a traditional Malay in a kampung (village) house. The wooden house has been constructed using local architecture methods and fitted with traditional furnishings, tools, and ornaments. Every item in sight could have been found in a similar house decades before modern technology and western influence arrived in Malaysia.

Visitors are invited to change into Malay clothing - cotton sarongs and blouses for women and shirts for men, before sitting down to a meal on the porch mat. The feast includes banana leaf-wrapped nasi lemak, coconut leaf-wrapped sticky rice, curry, and sweets. The helpful guide explains all ingredients and cooking processes and why these meals are traditionally enjoyed for breakfast.

After "breakfast" have a go at weaving coconut leaves to hold sticky rice and play a game or 2 of congkak by placing beetle nuts in a series of wooden bowels. Don't worry if you can't play, the guide will explain the rules and provide a couple of tips to outsmart your opponent.

The excursion continues inside with a tour of the house, ending in the kitchen to grind a chili paste called sambal, the same sambal just enjoyed with the nasi lemak. Ladies then learn to grind coconut flesh while the guide explains some of the 1000 items traditionally made from coconut trees and shares other stories steeped in tradition and superstition.

Ending on a sweet note, the final activity is to make Malay cake, kueh cara, by pouring a pandan leaf and sugar mixture into a mold set upon hot coals. Enjoy your hand-made sweet while in the background, a musician skillfully plays a wooden flute on the porch.

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Morning session: adults: RM425 (USD$90.05), children (11-17): RM325 ($68.86), afternoon session: adults: RM208 ($44.07), children (11-17): RM108 ($22.88)

Time Spent


Fitness level: Easy


10am-1pm, 3pm-5pm, 7 days

Look Around

House entranceHouse entrance
Guide teaching to play congkakGuide teaching to play congkak
Coconut leaf weavingCoconut leaf weaving
Traditional dressTraditional dress
Entrance & porch activities
Dining areaDining area
Coffee and food itemsCoffee and food items
Sticky rice ready to eatSticky rice ready to eat
Local beans to tasteLocal beans to taste
Guides explaining the foodGuides explaining the food
Malay breakfast
Traditional homewares, jewelry, and toolsTraditional homewares, jewelry, and tools
Guide explaining local toysGuide explaining local toys
Trying out the bedTrying out the bed
Wooden umbrellaWooden umbrella
Inside the house
Sambal ingredientsSambal ingredients
Grinding coconutGrinding coconut
Coconut milk as a moisturizerCoconut milk as a moisturizer
Hand-made kuehHand-made kueh
Cooking activities
Woodwind musician plays throughout tour

Who Will Like Langkawi Kampung Lifestyle Excursion

Culture Buff

Delve into Malay traditions, from meanings behind architecture, farming practices to food preparation, and courting and marriage practices. An expert guide is on hand to answer your questions.

Fun Expert

Explore Malay culture with your friends or family in a convenient setting. Challenge your kids with a game or 2 of congkak and see if anyone in your group is a natural at leaf weaving or coconut shredding.

Food Connoisseur

Bring a hungry stomach for authentic nasi lemak, sticky rice, and local sweets. Learn how to grind sambal and make kueh cara to bring the taste of Malaysia home with you.

Insider Tips For Langkawi Kampung Lifestyle Excursion

  • Bookings should be made via WhatsApp on +60 175757138 or +60 167464158.
  • Price includes pick-up from most hotels in Langkawi.
  • Groups meet at the Kampung Tok Senik Resort lobby and either walk or take a shuttle bus to the traditional house, Guru Silat, depending on weather conditions. The journey takes 5-10 minutes on foot or 2-3 minutes via shuttle.
  • Afternoon sessions don't cover all activities due to the shorter duration.
  • Use the modern bathroom at the hotel lobby before starting the excursion as the house only has a very basic squat toilet.
  • Traditional nasi lemak includes egg and anchovies and sticky rice is traditionally served with beef or mutton curry. Vegan and vegetarian options can be prepared providing advance notice is given. It's best to inform staff of any dietary requirements when making your booking.
  • Expect the house to be hot as it has natural ventilation but no fans or air conditioning.
  • Watch your head on the low doorways.
  • You can change into traditional style clothes in 1 of 2 small bedrooms. Bags and belongings can be left in the bedrooms.
  • The house is only accessible via stairs and is not handicap friendly.


Where Is It

Kampung Tok Senik Resort, Lot 1577, Kawasan Mata Air Mukim, Kampung Mawar, 07000 Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia

Open map...

How To Get There


Pick-up from most hotels in Langkawi is included.


Free • Ample parking at hotel lobby.

Driving directions...


Free in main parking lot.


Drivers pick up and drop off at hotel lobby.

What To Bring

  • Opened-toed shoes easy to slip on and off.
  • Lightweight clothes like singlet and tights. This makes it easy to slip the traditional clothes over your own.
  • Water bottle.
  • Camera.

Tech & Photography


Public wifi access: None


Photography allowed: Yesflash is ok

Tripod allowed: Not encouraged

Selfie sticks allowed: Yes

Best time to shoot: Late Morning

Tips: Bring an external flash for interior shots as it's a little dark for the camera, and open-aired windows can create an unwanted silhouette effect on subjects.


Drones allowed: Not encouraged


Backpacks allowed: Yes

Secured bag lockers available: No

Food & Drink

The excursion begins with a meal of nasi lemak, sticky rice, and curry and concludes with hand-made cake.

The closest restaurants and food stalls are located along the main entrance road, Jalan Mata Air, a 2-minute drive from the resort.


Kampung Tok Senik Resort opened in August 1995 on a 30-hectare, jungle-clad property. The resort consists of 75 guest rooms and 34 traditional villas.

One villa, name Guru Silat, is leased by Mr. Ilias for the purpose of showcasing Malaysian culture to tourists. Every detail of the house is authentic, down to the nature-inspired motifs carved into the doorframes.


  • Inform staff of any dietary requirements when making your booking.
  • Remove your shoes before entering house.
  • Listen respectfully while the guide explains the house and activities.
  • Have a go at new activities and try new foods.
  • Interrupt the guide. Wait patiently to ask questions.
  • Refuse to try the activities.


Best Parts:
  • Opportunity to experience traditional activities, games, and meals.
  • Tour of traditional-style stilted house.
  • Information on how Malays lived before technology and western influence. Topics covered include family structure, farming, and wedding ceremonies.
  • Rainforest location with the chance to see wildlife like monkeys and hornbills.
Could Be Better:
  • Resort staff are not very helpful if you arrive early.
  • Humid weather when walking from the lobby to the house.
  • Expensive price considering alternative attractions around Langkawi.
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