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MARDI Agrotechnology Park

This 35-hectare, government-funded farming complex is dedicated to agricultural research, but opens part of its fruit farm to show tourists modern agricultural methods used in Malaysia.

See over 20 organic tropical fruit varieties, including citrus fruit, mango, jackfruit, rambutan, Malaysia's only locally-grown grapes, and more. There are plenty of opportunities to taste your favorite fruit varieties as well as not-so-familiar kinds, like local favorite, durian.

Visitors are escorted around the complex on a 30-minute tram tour, making several stops for the guide to explain current projects or specific fruit varieties, vegetables and herbs. Stops may include a grape garden, greenhouses with succulents and pineapples, honey collected from stingless bees, and a fruit buffet.

Don't miss the 4-level observation tower behind the tram stop for panoramic views over Langkawi island and the sea. Next to the tower is a deer enclosure where you can buy food packs to hand-feed these gentle animals as well as giant catfish, located in a freshwater pond close to the greenhouses.

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International: Adult: RM30 (USD$6.39), Child: RM15 ($3.20), Malay: Adult: RM15 ($3.20), Child: RM5 ($1.07)

Time Spent


Fitness level: Light effort



Look Around

Front entranceFront entrance
Ticket deskTicket desk
Tram stationTram station
Fruiting sapodilla tree near tram stationFruiting sapodilla tree near tram station
Man-made waterfallMan-made waterfall
Entrance & front of complex
Shukran Observation towerShukran Observation tower
Steep steps to the topSteep steps to the top
View over MARDIView over MARDI
Sweeping island viewsSweeping island views
Deer feedingDeer feeding
Observation tower and deer feeding
Grape signageGrape signage
Grape vinesGrape vines
Passionfruit & melon growingPassionfruit & melon growing
Grape, passionfruit, & melon growing
Rambutan tastingRambutan tasting
Local berriesLocal berries
Sampling opportunities (with staff permission)
Herb garden signageHerb garden signage
Local herbsLocal herbs
Local & imported herbsLocal & imported herbs
Herb garden
Ekor Kuching (Red Cat's Tail)Ekor Kuching (Red Cat's Tail)
Friendly butterfilyFriendly butterfily
Catfish pondCatfish pond
Photo opportunities by natural streamPhoto opportunities by natural stream
Around the complex
Pineapple growing in greenhousePineapple growing in greenhouse
Greenhouse entranceGreenhouse entrance
Greenhouse garden interiorGreenhouse garden interior

Who Will Like MARDI Agrotechnology Park

Fun Expert

Take the tram tour to rest little legs while you introduce youngsters to new, tropical fruit varieties. Don't forget to purchase food packs to feed deer and massive, 3-foot-long catfish.

Food Connoisseur

Sample fresh local tropical fruits you may have never tasted before, stick with the popular fruits like pineapple and banana.

Nature Lover

Walk around the serene complex surrounded by coconut trees, banana trees, freshwater ponds, and dozens of other plant species. Discover new fruit varieties and learn the traditional medicinal properties of local herbs.

Insider Tips For MARDI Agrotechnology Park

  • The best time to visit is early in the morning before it gets too hot.
  • Ticket payment must be made by cash. No electronic payment methods are available.
  • Tram tours last 30 minutes with trams leaving from the tram terminal every 10 minutes.
  • No audio commentary is available in the tram. The driver/guide stops at main attractions and lets everyone out for a closer look and to explain the plants. Each stop is 5-10 minutes long. Popular stops include the grape garden, jackfruit, greenhouses, and fruit buffet.
  • The 4-level observation tower is not included in the tram tour, so visit before or after your tour.
  • Food packs for deer and catfish are available near the observation tower for RM3 (USD$0.64) each. The deer are located behind the tower while the catfish pond is across the complex, near the greenhouses.
  • Vegetable plants and fruit trees currently lack signage to identify the species and edible or medicinal uses. MARDI plan to install QR codes to scan for information on each plant.
  • Small market stalls are available near the greenhouses to purchase fresh fruit, drinks, and plants & seedlings. Try the fresh coconut water.
  • Some research displays are on show near the entrance for those interested in agriculture.
  • An on-site campground is available for hire with advanced notice.
Shaded benches for restingShaded benches for resting
Fish food available for purchaseFish food available for purchase
Feeding catfishFeeding catfish
Rest opportunities & fish feeding


Where Is It

1 Jalan Padang Gaong, Lubuk Semilang, Ulu Melaka Kuah, 07000 Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia

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How To Get There


Free • Large parking lot near main entrance.

Driving directions...


Free parking for scooters and motorbikes in the main parking lot.


Drivers pick up and drop off near the front entrance.

What To Bring

  • Sun screen and hat for sun protection.
  • Cash for tickets, fruit, & drink purchases.
  • Comfortable shoes for walking.
  • Lightweight clothing to keep cool.
  • Mosquito repellant.
  • Full water bottle.
  • Outside food to feed the animals.

Tech & Photography


Public wifi access: None


Photography allowed: Yesflash is ok

Tripod allowed: Not encouraged

Selfie sticks allowed: Yes

Best time to shoot: Early Morning

Tips: For a funny photo of durian, you can add sunglasses to one of the hanging fruits and stand beside it. Some example photos are near the ticket booth at the entrance for inspiration. The greenhouses provide soft ambient lighting which is ideal for impromptu portraits.


Drones allowed: No


Backpacks allowed: Yes

Secured bag lockers available: No

Food & Drink

Visitors can sample some fresh fruit within the complex. For a more substantial meal, drive 3 minutes northwest to main highway, Jalan Ulu Melaka, where several food vendors and small restaurants can be found.

Fruit to sampleFruit to sample
Fresh coconutFresh coconut
Fruit & drinks for tasting & purchase

COVID-19 Response

In response to Malaysia's Relaxed Movement Control Order (RMCO), MARDI has implemented measures including:

  • Cancelation of all tram tours
  • Trial of self-guided walking tours around the complex called "Let's Explore"
  • Placement of staff members at checkpoints near main attractions to help visitors and answer any questions.
  • Reduced entry fees - International: adult: RM15 (USD$3.20), child: RM7 (USD$1.49), and Malay: adult: RM5 (USD$1.07), child: RM3 (USD$0.64).


MARDI was established in 1990 by the Langkawi Development Authority (LADA) as an agricultural research facility. Many successful research projects have been undertaken, including a project to produce larger fruit on sapodilla trees, and a partnership with 5G network provider, Maxis, to grow grapes, a fruit usually unable to grow in Malaysia's tropical climate.

Half of MARDI's 35 hectares of land is dedicated to agricultural research while the other half is open to educating tourists and farmers on tropical fruit varieties and modern agricultural methods.


  • Follow the MARDI fun map and stay on the designated path.
  • Listen to all instructions from staff members.
  • Get back on the tram in a timely manner to avoid delays.
  • Pick fruit, flowers, or plants without permission from staff.
  • Step on or damage plants and seedlings.
  • Feed animals with food from outside the complex.
  • Take photos in research area.


Best Parts:
  • Variety of locally grown fruit, vegetables, and herbs.
  • Opportunity to taste tropical fruit like rambutan you may not have had before.
  • Incorporation of agricultural research and innovation.
  • Local market set-up to purchase fruit, drinks, or seedlings.
Could Be Better:
  • Lack of signage to explain plants.
  • Tram tour limits ability to freely roam around the complex.
  • Observation tower not included in tram tour so is easy to miss.
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