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Langkawi Sky Bridge

An engineering marvel, this suspended pedestrian bridge swings out over Langkawi's second-highest mountain, Gunung Machinchang, providing otherwise impossible views of the mountain's texture and surrounding jungle.

The bridge's wonder lies in the single 82-meter-high pylon from which the 125-meter-long bridge curves out around the mountain, 100 meters above the ground.

Langkawi Sky Bridge is one of the world's longest curved suspension bridges. Its dynamic contour provides changing perspectives of surrounding scenery as you walk along the length of the bridge. Admire the ancient Machinchang Cambrian Geoforest Park with its exquisite waterfalls, rocky cliffs, gorges, and jungle habits, before looking out over the ocean and nearby islands.

Keep an eye out for Thailand's Tarutao Island in the distance, clearly visible on sunny days when facing north. Visitors can stand on a transparent Perspex floor panel to get extra close to nature and appreciate the dizzying height of the bridge.

The Sky Bridge can only be reached by taking Langkawi Sky Cab to the top station and purchasing a separate ticket. Depending on your ticket type, take the glass encased funicular, Sky Glide, straight down to the bridge entrance, or walk 150 meters down the mountain, keeping an eye peeled for birdlife and monkeys amongst the trees.

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Adult: RM6 (USD$1.28), Child: RM4 ($0.85)

Time Spent


Fitness level: Light effort

Located within Langkawi SkyCab


9:30am-7pm7 days

Look Around

Approaching SkybridgeApproaching Skybridge
Walking along bridge near entranceWalking along bridge near entrance
Central point of bridgeCentral point of bridge
Furthermost point of bridgeFurthermost point of bridge
Sky Bridge
Glass-bottom sections of Sky BridgeGlass-bottom sections of Sky Bridge
Rainforest below the bridgeRainforest below the bridge
Surrounding mountains and oceanSurrounding mountains and ocean
Views from Skybridge

Who Will Like Langkawi Sky Bridge

Nature Lover

Take in the otherwise impossible views directly over the Andaman Sea. Stand on a transparent floor platform for a bird's eye view of the leafy rainforest and rocky mountain.

Bucketlist Bandit

Appreciate the engineering prowess as you stand at the peak of the bridge's curve for a memorable photo.

Photography Whiz

Stop every couple of steps to capture the changing angles of the curved pedestrian bridge. Choose your favorite points for a couple of panoramas of the island's unique landscape.

Insider Tips For Langkawi Sky Bridge

  • Sky Bridge tickets can only be purchased from a booth at the Sky Cab top station (cash only). The booth is on the left as you exit the sky cab.
  • Standard Sky Bridge tickets include a "nature walk" where visitors must walk 150m down steep steps through the humid jungle. The walk takes 10-15 minutes down and 15-20 minutes up, however it is more strenuous than it sounds. Alternatively, purchase a Sky Glide ticket for RM11 (USD$2.35) to ride a small glass funicular straight to the bridge entrance. Only a limited number of people can ride the Sky Glide at a time and queues are long during busy periods. Assess the length of the Sky Glide line before choosing your option. If you choose the nature walk down, a 1-way Sky Glide ticket can be purchased for RM6 (USD$1.28) per person to avoid climbing the steep steps back to the Top Station.
  • The Sky Bridge can accommodate 200 visitors at a time.
Sky Cab upper stationSky Cab upper station
Sky Bridge ticket boothSky Bridge ticket booth
Nature walk signageNature walk signage
Nature walkNature walk
Sky GlideSky Glide
Bridge tickets and access


Where Is It

07000 Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia

Open map...

How To Get There


Taxis are available at the Oriental Village entrance.

Walking directions from taxi...


Drivers pick up and drop off at the Oriental Village entrance.

Walking directions from rideshare...


You can get there by your car or by car rental in Langkawi. Large, public carpark with autopay facilities. "Privilege parking" in a closer lot costs RM10 (USD$2.13).

RM4 (USD$0.85)

Driving directions... Map for car...


Free parking for scooters and motorbikes along the verge opposite the main carpark. Look for breaks in the fence to avoid walking around to the driveway.

Map for motorbike...

What To Bring

  • Shoes that are easy to slip on and off to stand on the see-through floor panels.
  • Cash for tickets.
  • Sun protection like hat and sunscreen.
  • Water for both legs of the nature walk.
  • Camera.

Tech & Photography


Public wifi access: None


Photography allowed: Yesflash is ok

Tripod allowed: Yes

Selfie sticks allowed: Yes

Best time to shoot: Midday

Tips: Walk all the way to the end of the bridge and look backwards to get a frame with the bridge in the foreground and Sky Cab station in the background.


Drones allowed: Yes (subject to national/regional rules)


Backpacks allowed: Yes

Secured bag lockers available: No

Food & Drink

  • SkyBistro - A cafe offering barista coffee, cold drinks, and light meals like wraps, sandwiches, and burgers.

Several dining options from local food stands to international restaurants are located within the Oriental Village near the base station.


Langkawi Sky Bridge was officially opened to the public on February 27th 2005, following a 12-month-long construction period. The bridge's construction presented several challenges including transporting materials and prefabricated elements to the mountaintop by helicopter, optimal weight management and load distribution, and structural balancing from the one single point - the tip of the pilon.

The bridge featured in 2006 Bollywood movie "Don: The Chase Begins Again".


  • Remove shoes before standing on a Perspex floor panel to avoid scratching it.
  • Make room for other visitors to pass by. The bridge is quite narrow.
  • Walk calmly and in an organized manner along the bridge. Try to be sensitive to other guests who may feel uncomfortable with heights.
  • Wait patiently in line for the next available Sky Glide.
  • Take your time on the nature walk and drink plenty of water.
  • Spit or throw objects over the bridge.
  • Lean over or sit on the bridge's edge.
  • Run or jump on the bridge or cause it to shake in any other way.


Best Parts:
  • Cheap entrance tickets compared to other attractions within the complex.
  • Engineering marvel suspended from a single pion.
  • Incredible views over the sea and rainforest that change perspectives as you move along the bridge's curve.
Could Be Better:
  • Crowded Sky Glide and long wait for the privilege of being crammed in like sardines.
  • Hot and humid nature walk with steep steps to climb back to the top station.
  • Only accessible via cable car which is quite expensive.
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