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Wildlife Park

Langkawi Wildlife Park

The gold standard in safe and ethical interactions between humans and animals. Langkawi Wildlife Park has over 45 species of animals from Malaysia and across the globe, many of which wander freely in semi-open enclosures for visitors to feed from pre-purchased feeding packs.

Animals are split into 4 zones. First up is the macaw kingdom with parrots to feed sunflower seeds and peanuts; flamingoes, ducks, and ducklings to feed fish pellets; and cockatoos, pheasants, raccoons, fennec foxes, pythons, turtles, caimans, and more to admire.

Next is the kids' zone with rabbits, guinea pigs, and hedgehogs to hold. Rabbits and guinea pigs can be fed carrots, apples, and greens, from your food pack - but don't let them eat it all! Save some apples for the bird aviary where friendly rainbow lorikeets may come down for a nibble. Other bird species include colorful peacocks, chickens, ducks, and cranes. A separate aviary houses over 50 budgerigars and love birds that flock to your hands when filled with birdseed by staff.

Last up are larger animals including 2 families of porcupines, crocodiles, deer, emus, ostriches, and a koi pond where fish can be fed from a baby bottle. Just before the exit is an indoor section with vervet and blue monkeys, performing otters, and Langkawi's iconic Brahminy kite and white-bellied sea eagle.

Most enclosures have been constructed to mimic the animal's natural habitat. Successful breeding programs with porcupines, emus, and other bird varieties are a sure sign Langkawi Wildlife Park receives the animals' tick of approval.

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International: Adult: RM45 (USD$9.59), Child (3-12): RM28 ($5.97), Senior (55+): RM28 ($5.97), Mykad holder: Adult: RM30 ($6.39), Child (3-12): RM22 ($4.69), Senior (55+): RM22 ($4.69)

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Time Spent


Fitness level: Easy


8:30am-6pm7 days

Look Around

Sunflower seeds & peanuts for macawsSunflower seeds & peanuts for macaws
Birdseed for budgiesBirdseed for budgies
Mixed greens for mouse deerMixed greens for mouse deer
Cabbage for porcupinesCabbage for porcupines
Fish pellets in a baby bottle for koiFish pellets in a baby bottle for koi
Feeding opportunities
Civet cat holdingCivet cat holding
Albino hedgehog holdingAlbino hedgehog holding
Cuddly rabbits in Kids' ZoneCuddly rabbits in Kids' Zone
Friendly lorikeetsFriendly lorikeets
Animal interactions
Baby ducklingsBaby ducklings
Fennec foxFennec fox
Caiman feedingCaiman feeding
Macaw Kingdom zone
Rainbow lorikeetRainbow lorikeet
Animal signageAnimal signage
Amherst pheasantAmherst pheasant
Grey crowned craneGrey crowned crane
Peacock eggsPeacock eggs
Colored peacockColored peacock
Aviary zone
Getting ready to jumpGetting ready to jump
Chow time!Chow time!
Crocodile feeding
White peacockWhite peacock
River otter eating fishRiver otter eating fish
Larger Animal zone

Who Will Like Langkawi Wildlife Park

Fun Expert

Teach young kids to safely pet and feed animals while older kids (and adults) can learn from the informative signboards. Don't miss the kids' zone full of rabbits, hedgehogs, and guinea pigs eager to munch on carrots or apple from your food pack.

Nature Lover

Get up close to birds, deer, raccoons, and more that you'd usually only see in the wild. Feed animals from flamingoes to koi fish and take note of the successful breeding programs - an indicator of the animals' happiness in their home.

Bucketlist Bandit

Buy a food pack to hand-feed parrots, flamingos, baby ducks, and deer. Visit the budgerigar enclosure to for dozens of budgies to fly into your bird-seed-filled palms.

Insider Tips For Langkawi Wildlife Park

  • Hire a private guide for RM20 (USD$4.26) to show you around the complex, share insight into each animal, and assist with animal interactions. Highly recommended!
  • Animal food packs can be purchased at the ticket desk and redeemed at the food station. Packs cost RM8 (USD$1.71) for 1, RM15 (USD$3.20) for 2, RM21 (USD$4.48) for 3, and RM26 (USD$5.54) for 4. Signage around the complex states which animals can be fed which items of food.
  • Staff limit the number of food packs available to prevent overfeeding. Food items are carefully selected to complement the animals' regular diet and serve as their treats.
  • Don't feed everything in your packs to the first animals like parrots, flamingoes, and rabbits. Save food items for animals down the path like birds, mouse deer, porcupines, and monkeys.
  • Birdseed for budgerigars and buckets of greens for deer are provided free of charge.
  • Some animals cannot be fed due to diet control or age restrictions. Always check signage before feeding an animal, and listen to instructions from staff.
  • Watch your step in the budgerigar enclosure as the small birds may be on eating off the ground.
  • Some animals like ostriches are fussy eaters, don't be offended if they don't take food from you.
  • Try to watch a scheduled feeding time or animal show:
    • Pelican feeding: 10am & 4pm daily.
    • Racoon cuddles: 10am & 3pm daily.
    • Snake holding: 11am & 4pm daily.
    • Crocodile line feeding: every Friday, Saturday, & Sunday. See staff for times.
    • Deer feeding: 10:45am & 3:15pm daily.
    • Koi fish feeding: 10am & 1:30pm daily.
    • Otter feeding: 11:40am and 4:40pm daily. Otters do tricks like catching fish mid-air and raising a flag. Try to see otters last as they are located near the exit.
  • 2 gift shops are located within the park. One at the back of the bird aviary sells jewelry and crystals, the other is near the exit and sells duty-free souvenirs, chocolate, perfume, alcohol, tobacco, and more. The air-conditioned jewelry shop provides a welcome break from Langkawi's heat.
  • Wash your hands after each animal interaction.
  • Professional photo opportunities are available at the entrance, raccoon holding, snake holding, and in budgerigar enclosure. Printed photos can be purchased near the exit.
  • Smoking is not allowed in the park.
  • Adopt or sponsor an animal of your choice to help cover the cost of their care. Payments can be made online in amounts of RM10 (USD$2.13) and above.

Ticket deskTicket desk
Gift shopGift shop
Hand washing stationsHand washing stations
Ticket desk, gift shop & hand washing stations
Food standFood stand
Food signage for each animalFood signage for each animal
Food stand & signage


Where Is It

Lot 1485, Kampung Belanga Pecah, Jalan Ayer Hangat, 07000 Langkawi, Kedah

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How To Get There


Free • Large parking lot near main entrance.

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Free parking for motorbikes and scooters in main parking lot.

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Drivers drop off and pick up at main entrance.

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Front carpark & entrance

What To Bring

  • Comfortable footwear for walking around the complex.
  • Camera for photos of and with the animals.
  • Large handbag or canvas bag to carry food packs.
  • Food for the animals. Specific animal food must be purchased onsite.

Tech & Photography


Public wifi access: None


Photography allowed: Yesflash is not allowed

Tripod allowed: Not encouraged

Selfie sticks allowed: Yes

Best time to shoot: Late Morning

Tips: Use a telephoto zoom lens to capture the animals in detail. Animal photography with a fast-moving subject usually requires several shots with to snap the perfect action or expression, so be patient. Use high-speed shutter release to capture a sequence of images and then delete those that you don't need. Depending on the movement of the animal, a shutter speed between 1/200 and 1/800 is ideal. Bring a spare memory card just in case.


Drones allowed: No


Backpacks allowed: Yes

Secured bag lockers available: No

Food & Drink

  • Cafe: Food & drink kiosk located near the main entrance selling soft drinks and snacks like fries. Local meals like laksa and fried rice are also available.
  • Lang Cafey House: Located directly opposite the Wildlife Park, this trendy cafe is worth crossing the main road for. As well as specialty coffee, the cafe offers local meals like nasi lemak and international meals like pasta. Several vegan and vegetarian options are also available.

COVID-19 Response

In response to Malaysia's Relaxed Movement Control Order (RMCO), Langkawi Wildlife Park has implemented measures, like placing sanitization stations throughout the complex, and encourage social distancing to comply with governmental SOPs. Full details can be seen in the video below.


Officially opened in November 2002 as "Langkawi Bird Paradise" the park originally focused on human interactions with bird species. By January 2006, the park had added several non-feathered wildlife species and changed its name to Langkawi Wildlife Park.

The park runs educational programs to teach the public how to safely and ethically interact with animals and also works closely with local wildlife authorities to aid protected species.


  • Listen to keepers at all times.
  • Feed animals in accordance with signage and/or keeper instruction.
  • Share the best spots for animal viewing and interactions with other visitors.
  • Hurt animals or tap on glass enclosures.
  • Make loud noises or sudden movements when near an animal.
  • Tease animals with food.
  • Be afraid of feeding animals as pulling away may hurt you or them.
  • Force food or petting on an unwilling animal.


Best Parts:
  • Interaction opportunities with feeding and petting allowed for many animals.
  • Inclusion of rare animal species like caiman and fennec foxes.
  • No cages for most bird species.
  • Willingness of animals to eat out of visitors' hands including species that usually keep their distance like mouse dear and flamingoes.
  • Informative signage making it clear which animals can and can't be fed.
  • Opportunity to book a guide to share personalized facts on animals and assist with interactions.
  • Happiness of animals and obvious high standard of care.
Could Be Better:
  • Gift store and duty-free shop seem like a mismatched pair as they are not related to animals.
  • Information sheet on which food items can be fed to which animals could be included with food packs to ensure visitors save food for later animals.
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