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Crocodile Adventureland Langkawi

Malaysia's largest crocodile park home to almost 4,000 crocs, mostly saltwater species from Malaysia and Australia. Crocodile Adventureland focuses on conservation, education, and providing safe interactions between humans and these giant reptiles.

A series of interactive shows allow visitors to witness crocs jump high to catch pieces of chicken, then hold their breath as a daring keeper places his hand inside a 50-foot crocodile's cavernous mouth. Safe interactions are available with much smaller, juvenile crocodiles. Hold a baby crock for a photo, throw pellets into the juvenile pond, or try "crocodile fishing" where juveniles jump up to snap meat on the end of a fishing line.

Other crocs to see include a range of international species like the pointed snout gharial; handicapped and injured crocodiles; an education center with skeletons, eggs, and informative posters; and colossal croc Bunjung Basar, the largest crocodile in Malaysian captivity at 15.3 feet long.

The park's most recent addition is live performance "The Legend of Sarcosuchus" where Jurassic Park meets Indiana Jones. Staff dress up to act out the story of a ranger protecting a baby Sarcosuchus dinosaur from robbers. The show incorporates interactions with life-sized "dinos" and the world's largest animatronic dinosaur at 50 feet long. The show ties in with Langkawi's

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Packages from: International: Adults: RM45 (USD$9.53), Children: RM35 ($7.42), MyKad: Adults: RM30 ($6.36), Children: RM25 ($5.30), Seniors: RM25 ($5.30)

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Time Spent


Fitness level: Light effort


9am-6pm7 days

Look Around

Saltwater CrocodileSaltwater Crocodile
Crocodile cooling off with a showerCrocodile cooling off with a shower
Pointed nosed GharialPointed nosed Gharial
Paths around the complexPaths around the complex
Signage for each crocodile in the species ponds.Signage for each crocodile in the species ponds.
Species ponds
Good catch!Good catch!
Keeper sending down the foodKeeper sending down the food
Sun-baking on a full tumSun-baking on a full tum
Breeding houses at hooking pondsBreeding houses at hooking ponds
Signage for each scheduled showSignage for each scheduled show
Crocodile Jumping show at hooking ponds
Holding 2-year-old Holding 2-year-old "Lola"
Pellets for juvenilesPellets for juveniles
Feeding the juvenile pondFeeding the juvenile pond
Juvenile crocJuvenile croc
Juvenile holding & feeding
Bujang Lang getting ready for the showBujang Lang getting ready for the show
Keeper preparing crocKeeper preparing croc
Would you kiss this croc?Would you kiss this croc?
Keeper looking comfyKeeper looking comfy
The main eventThe main event
Keeper show with 50-foot-long "Bujang Lang"
Waiting for foodWaiting for food
Keeper feeding crocsKeeper feeding crocs
Visitors watching from the bridgeVisitors watching from the bridge
Crocodile feeding at the bridge pond
Semi-mechanical dinosaur suits scaring childrenSemi-mechanical dinosaur suits scaring children
Dino keeper zipping in like Indiana JonesDino keeper zipping in like Indiana Jones
The world's largest animatronic dinosaurThe world's largest animatronic dinosaur
Mechanical baby dinosaurMechanical baby dinosaur
Photo opportunities with characters after the showPhoto opportunities with characters after the show
Jurassic Croc: The Legend of Sarcosuchus

Who Will Like Crocodile Adventureland Langkawi

Fun Expert

Teach your family about this fascinating species as you wander around the numerous enclosures. Don't miss the education center with real skeletons and informative posters, or The Legend of Sarcosuchus show to witness animatronic dinosaurs.

Bucketlist Bandit

Take up the rare opportunity to safely interact with one of the oldest and most dangerous species in the world. Hold and feed juvenile crocodiles, watch a keeper place his hand inside a giant croc's mouth, and take a selfie with one of the largest crocodiles in the world.

Informative postersInformative posters
Crocodile skullCrocodile skull
Preserved crocodile organsPreserved crocodile organs
Education center

Insider Tips For Crocodile Adventureland Langkawi

  • The ticket desk is located through the gift shop and past the café.
  • Admission tickets are purchased as packages. Prices start at the Adventure Combo (RM45 (USD$9.53) for adults and RM35 (USD$7.42) for children) including admission and 2 packets of pellets to feed juveniles. Other packages include items like croc "fishing", photos holding a juvenile, tour guides, and meal vouchers.
  • Additional activities like croc fishing (RM15 (USD$3.18) per session), pellets for juveniles (RM5 (USD$1.06)), and photos can also be purchased separately within the complex.
  • Daily shows and feeding times include:
    • Crocodile jumping: 10:30am & 5:30pm in the hooking ponds.
    • "Bujang Lang" giant crocodile show with keeper: 11:15am & 2:45pm at Crocodylus Pond A.
    • Giant crocodile feeding: 11:45am, 1:15pm & 3:15pm at the bridge pond.
    • The Legend of Sarcosuchus - show with 50-foot animatronic dinosaur: 12pm & 3:45pm at Jurassic Croc.
  • Arrive a few minutes before showtimes to secure a good viewing spot.
  • Use the map to find different sections and show locations as the complex is very large.
  • Crocodiles will only come up to eat at feeding shows if they are hungry. Staff record which crocodiles eat to monitor the food intake of each animal.
  • Visitors can walk around the Jurassic Croc exhibit for photos with the animatronics and props after the show but must stay in the seating area outside the fence during the show.
  • When crocodile fishing, tug on the line as the juvenile grabs the end to create the resistance they need to release the meat.
  • Nesting rooms are located around the edge of the hooking ponds and bridge ponds as part of the park's breeding program.
  • The park is run in strict compliance with Malaysian Wildlife requirements. Monitored initiatives include breeding activities and ratios of 1 male to 2 females in each pond to minimize fighting.
Entrance from parking lotEntrance from parking lot
Ticket deskTicket desk
Map of complexMap of complex
Entrance, ticket desk & map


Where Is It

Mukim Air Hangat, Jalan Datai, Kampung Kubang Badak, 07000 Langkawi, Kedah

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How To Get There


Free • Large public parking lot available

Driving directions... Map for car...


Free undercover parking for scooters and motorbikes in upper-level of carpark

Map for motorbike...


Drivers drop off at main entrance

Map for rideshare...

What To Bring

  • Camera.
  • Comfortable shoes for walking around complex.
  • Cash to purchase food for juveniles.
  • Food & drink from outside the complex (other than water).

Tech & Photography


Public wifi access: None


Photography allowed: Yesflash is not allowed

Tripod allowed: Not encouraged

Selfie sticks allowed: Yes

Best time to shoot: Late Morning

Tips: Use a telephoto zoom lens to safely get up close to the crocodiles. During feeding sessions when crocs jump for chicken, use a high-speed shutter release to capture a sequence of shots in order to capture the perfect moment. Shutter priority or manual mode is best used in this scenario with a shutter speed of 1/800 seconds.


Drones allowed: No


Backpacks allowed: Yes

Secured bag lockers available: No

Food & Drink

Croc Café - Large, semi-open dining area serving local options like nasi lemak and international options like burgers, kebabs, and fries. Open 9am-6pm, daily.

Croc Cafe


Crocodile Adventureland Langkawi opened in 1993, when crocodile species native to Malaysia were almost extinct. As a Geopark Partner of UNESCO Global Geopark, Crocodile Adventureland focuses on preservation and protection of crocodile species and is a registered member of the Convention on International Trade and Endangered Species. Thanks to their ongoing efforts, Malaysian crocodile numbers in the wild are recovering strongly.

The park is now home to nearly 4,000 crocodiles and sees approximately 300 visitors through its doors each day.


  • Listen carefully to keepers and follow directions at all times.
  • Be quite during shows and performances.
  • Disrupt or provoke any crocodiles.
  • Lean over edge or reach your arms into any enclosures.
Penalty for animal cruelty


Best Parts:
  • Availability of guided tours with tips like how to differentiate between males and females.
  • Back-to-back timing of shows. No need to hang around waiting or choose between attractions.
  • Jurassic Croc show with the world's largest animatronic. The show links to Langkawi's prehistoric roots and the discovery of fossils on the island.
  • Interaction opportunities to feed and hold juvenile crocodiles.
  • High standard of care for the crocodiles with close monitoring by national wildlife authorities.
Could Be Better:
  • Trained crocodile and keeper show. The ethical suitability of such shows is questionable.
  • Distance of ticket desk from carpark. It can be a little confusing to find.
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