Penang Travel Guide

Small in size, big in flavor. Penang's culinary scene is world-renowned, but the tiny island's essence merely begins on the plate, spilling over to larger-than-life wall murals, colonial heritage sites, sandy beaches, and lofty mountains.

UNESCO Heritage-listed Georgetown draws history buffs and trend-setters alike. It's maze of colonial heritage buildings conceal narrow alleyways with interactive street art, trendy cafes, and boutique stores. How many street murals can you hunt down?

Nature lovers escape to the jungle with treks from Penang Botanic Gardens to the peak of Penang Hill. For a more docile option, take a short boat ride through Penang National Park to witness macaque monkeys playing on the shores of aptly-named Monkey Beach.

Penang's legendary cuisine lies not within its mega shopping malls and waterfront restaurants, but in unsuspecting hawker markets known as "cafes." Here you'll find world-class dishes from laksas and curries to pizza and kebabs.

Pulau Pinang, or the "isle of the betel nut," was a jewel of the British Empire during the 1800s with a strategic position on the spice trade route. Visit the Tropical Spice Garden for a glimpse into the herbs and spices that saw Penang dubbed "The Pearl of the Orient."

Today, Malay, Chinese, and Indian locals thrive side by side, meaning there's almost always an atmosphere of celebration, be it for Ramadan, Deepavali, or Chinese New Year.

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